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Is this The Bachelor Australia's 2018 villain? Meet Vanessa Sunshine!

Surely not with a name so sweet?

By Bettina Tyrrell
The "Bachelor Villain" is a lucrative role.
Every season one women thrown into the mix will have enough sass to tell it like it is and even before the season's premiere date, she'll be pegged as the pot stirrer. Dare we ask if you remember Keira Maguire or Jen Hawke?
Of course you do! Because the so-called "villain" is always an entertainment gem.
So as the next season of the Bachelor edges closer and the Bachelorette's vying for Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummin's heart are being revealed, meet Vanessa Sunshine, the woman fans believe to be our 2018 Bachelor villain.
Ten describes the 27-year-old legal secretary as "bold, beautiful and brutally honest".
While Vanessa lives by the motto "revenge is sweet". How telling!
"I don't think I'm the life of the party, I know that I am," says Vanessa Sunshine.
As soon at the Network released Vanessa's image on The Bachelor Australia Instagram account, with a short bio, fans began speculating about her role in the mansion.
"Well I think we know who the villain is gonna be," commented one.
"Poor girls gonna be the villain from the sound of this caption," another wrote.
Will Vanessa be what Nick's looking for?
Ten have also released Vanessa's entrance into the Bachelor mansion, which shows the brunette beauty not only making a lasting impression on Nick, but the 24 women at the first cocktail party.
"I don't know if I should be running or chasing," ex-footy player Nick says to camera.
Keen not to have her unique name forgotten, Vanessa is seen introducing herself to each and every Bachelorette as "Vanessa Sunshine".
"We know she's Vanessa Sunshine cos she's told us 15 times!" says one Bachelorette.
Watch Vanessa's memorable entrance in the player above!
As well as a legal secretary, with these stunning features, Vanessa could be a model!

Is Vanessa Sunshine her real name?

On social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, The Bachelor contestant goes by "Vanessa Sunshine" but her accounts are all set to private.
It's not yet clear if this is the name she was given at birth or something she's dubbed herself.
If we had to take an educated guess, we'd say it may be a stage name.
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