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"Things got very ... steamy!" The biggest scandals to come out of the Bachelor mansion, including rumours there are FIVE actresses on set

Brace yourselves.

By Woman's Day team
When mechanical engineer Roxi confessed to having a "naughty dream" about Bachelor Locky Gilbert in the mansion last week, the handsome Survivor star could barely contain his delight.
And by his own admission, the 31-year-old has thoroughly enjoyed the intense sexual chemistry building with numerous Bachelorettes.
Now, Woman's Day hears that Locky and the girls' interactions turned red hot when the show was thrown into chaos due to the pandemic.
"The producers encouraged the girls to do some very eyebrow-raising things," explains an insider, who says the women were subjected to some of the show's raunchiest ever dates to keep sparks flying during the COVID-19 lockdown that separated Locky from his contenders during filming earlier this year.
"There was a whole lot of raunchy phone chats, let's put it that way," quips the source, who says the women also had to record video diaries during lockdown for Locky.
"The producers encouraged the girls to be as flirty and open
as they could be. They had lots of lingerie available and encouraged the girls to wear it.
"Because the girls were separated from him, the producers were concerned he'd lose interest and that the lack of physical connection could see him become disinterested," the source continues.
"That's when the bathtub dates were introduced, and things got very steamy to say the least."
Things got... steamy. (Network Ten)
For weeks, rumours have swirled about Locky's sexual escapades on the show, with talk that he was intimate with a few of his suitors.
But Locky did his best to hose down suggestions of multiple conquests, claiming he only had an off-camera rendezvous with his winner.
"If you do it with one and then it comes out, and then you end up with another person, you're just asking for trouble," he said of the rumours.
And while Locky doesn't think it's right to sleep with more than one girl, it seems he has no problem flirting up a storm with several women – in or outside of the show!
There's talk that Locky was intimate with a few of his suitors. (Network Ten)
Just last week, the star's ex-girlfriend Charlie Octavia told Woman's Day the suitor was frequently messaging her from within the Bachelor mansion.
And while sex was off the table for most of the women, our insider says Locky could barely keep his hands to himself in the house and had no problem making out with several of his contenders.
"He's a very physical type of guy – he enjoys being hands-on with his approach to finding love," says our source.
"The girls were shocked to find out just how many of them he had made out with!"

Actresses exposed!

It turns out Clare, 26 from WA, is a budding actress and has a Backstage profile, which boasts of her "love for the arts since a very young age".
She has also completed an acting course at NIDA, and has appeared in several short films.
Clare from WA, is a budding actress and has a Backstage profile. (Network Ten)
Brunette beauty Kristina was busted with a StarNow listing, which reveals the 24-year-old is an "actor, extra, model, band member and singer".
Her profile also states she has done "previous unpaid speaking roles" and has been studying acting for three years.
The "boss lady" is on a mission – but it's not for love.
Brunette beauty Kristina was busted with a StarNow listing. (Network Ten)
Professional dancer Nicole 26, is listed as a "talent" with Dargie Entertainment.
According to its website, the agency "represents a diverse, elite and versatile group of performing artists for work in dance, screen, modelling and contracts in Australia and around the world".
According to her bio, Kaitlyn is a "personal assistant", but the blonde beauty, 26, also has an active IMDB account.
She has appeared in a short Australian film called The Veiled alongside star Zoe Carides.
Kaitlyn has appeared in a short Australian film called The Veiled alongside star Zoe Carides. (Network Ten)
Tensions quickly reached boiling point the minute Areeba entered the Bachelor mansion, with the 25-year-old managing to make enemies out of Zoe-Clare, Roxi and Juliette within just a few weeks.
But one insider tells Woman's Day that the Sydney-based glamour is more worthy of an Academy Award than a rose because her villainy is all an act!
"From night one Areeba was constantly seeking the approval of her producer, and wanted to know if she was doing well," says a source, who explains that the self-confessed "boss lady" was happy to play up for the cameras.
"She knew exactly what she was doing – she wasn't there for Locky, she was there for the cameras to cause drama, fight back and cause chaos on set.
She didn't really get along with many of the girls because they could see through her facade and how she was trying hard to steal the camera away from others."

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