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The worst incidents of 'mean girl' moments on the Bachelor Australia 2018

Here's the roundup!

By NW team
In episode eight of The Bachelor, viewers saw the end of The Tripod Romy, Alisha and Cat otherwise known as 'the mean girls' as they found themselves leave the mansion, grab their broomsticks and head off into the sunset.
Energy healer Cayla tried to warn Nick about their plotting and scheming early on when she left the mansion, but it took him a while to realise their shortcomings.
Throughout the series, the girls have kept viewers screaming at the screen and furiously venting on social media as they've schemed, double-crossed their way through the programme.
Here we look at some of the worst mean girl moments on the show.
Throughout the series, the girls have kept viewers screaming at the screen and furiously venting on social media as they've schemed, double-crossed and gas lighted their way through the programme
Feuding with Shannon and Blair
While the girls were all having a good bitching session about how Vanessa Sunshine wasn't into Nick, Blair was somehow dragged into the mud because she wasn't agreeing with them.
"Why are you getting your back up…?" Cat insisted. "I just feel like you're getting really aggressive," she added, "… this isn't meant to be a conversation like that."
The trio then laid into Shannon as she called them out for giving Blair a hard time and the girls decided she was an 'opportunist'.
"I don't buy [Shannon's] innocent girl act, she 100 per cent knew what she was doing. She's an opportunist. She finds Cat intimidating because she is intimidating. She's a wonderful person, and any girl in the competition should, frankly, be intimidated by Cat," said Alisha.
Booting Blair
Tensions hit an all-time high when Blair overheard Romy trying to throw Cass 'under the bus' during a discussion with Nick's sister Bernadette.
"I think she's already in love with him coming in to this. She's really struggling. I feel like she's desperate, and I think that's the emotional immaturity," Romy said to Bernadette, as they sat within earshot of Blair's bedroom.
Blair mentioned what she heard to Cass, and when Romy found out the beans had been spilled, the tripod approached Blair, Brittany and Cass in the house.
Romy approached the situation by telling Blair she had no class and loudly accusing her of being in the wrong.
"You have no class and this angers me," Romy tells Blair. "Like, don't f--- with me. Don't ever put words in my mouth again. Come to me like an adult."
And the end of episode Blair was booted off and told TV WEEK that there were double standards when it came to the trio."There were a lot of double standards when it came to the tripod. Everything was alright for them to do, but not for other people to do," Blair revealed.
Icing Vanessa Sunshine
The tripod had it in for Vanessa Sunshine from get go, accusing her of not being into Nick - and she was not having any of it.
In fact, Vanessa stood her ground constantly telling the cameras the girls 'can just f-off' and leave her alone.
Yet poor Vanessa was a constant subject of their bitching sessions and much to their delight, was told to leave the mansion after she found herself forced to tell Nick if she was attracted to him when he confronted her after Cat told him Vanessa 'just wasn't that into him.'

And when she was finally booted off the programme, she made it her mission to make sure all of Australia knew that the mean girls were really 'mean'.
"The way that Cat, Romy and Alisha behave... is not put on, they're not coerced, it's not the producers, it's not edited. You guys are just seeing a small portion of it," Vanessa told SMH.
"They always seem to justify their behaviour by scapegoating other people," she added. "It's just such a double standard that they have. It's OK for them to treat other people like that but when someone [else does it] suddenly they're the ones in the wrong."
Treading on Tenille
The tripod had it in for Tenille when she had previously admitted to the house that she wouldn't kiss someone on a first date, but later returned from her single date with Nick raving about their special kiss.
Romy made it her mission to gaslight Tenille to the point, she found herself running off the set in tears.
"They're as bad as each other," Tenille, told TV WEEK.
"I live by the motto, 'Kill them with kindness.' If you're a nice person, people are usually nice back, but it didn't work.
"I could never do the nasty things they did."

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