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REVEALED: The Bachelor's Abbie's wedding dress pictures we weren't meant to see

Sorry ladies, it seems the Bachelor boy has found his perfect blushing bride.

It's no secret that Bachelor Matt Agnew is besotted by Abbie Chatfield, but it appears lust may have very well turned into love, with Woman's Day unearthing pictures of the 23-year-old dressed in a bridal gown, ready to wed!
While the news of a wedding may come as a shock to fans, it's something that 32-year-old Matt had been considering for some time, after he hinted to Woman's Day that he'd be open to proposing in the finale, explaining he's "known to be spontaneous".
Despite claims from fellow Bachelorette Sogand Mohtat that Abbie wasn't ever planning on getting hitched, she confesses that finding The One and meeting him at the altar would be a dream come true.
"I understand it's important to Matt because he's older than I am," she says, acknowledging how important marriage is to the Bachelor.
"To me, I think getting married and having kids is like winning the lottery."
She's a vision in white! (Image: Instagram @whitelilycouture)
Abbie reveals she'd like her nuptials to be a quiet affair, with the commitment at the centre of the occasion.
"Who can afford a $100,000 wedding? I'd rather have a $40,000 honeymoon!" she explains of her decision to have a low-key event.
Abbie swapped her blonde locks for chocolate tresses on the big day. (Image: Instagram @whitelilycouture)
Whether they've made it down the aisle or not, one thing's for certain, Abbie is not giving up on her man.
"I have such strong feelings for Matt that I was able to stay for this long," she says opening up about her tough time in the Bachelor mansion.
"I considered going home quite a few times, but I never did because all I cared about was Matt."
WATCH: Elly tells Matt that Abbie is not emotionally mature enough for him. Post continues after video...

Elly's secret crush on Chris

While down-to-earth nurse Elly Miles has clearly felt the spark with Matt, Woman's Day is told she was also prepared to start a relationship with handsome TV vet Dr Chris Brown!
"There were rumours it could have been Chris! I would've jumped into the experience" the 24-year-old revealed.
It appears the Newcastle blonde has a thing for the beachy type, too, with Woman's Day noticing she follows NRL player Sam Burgess and former Bachelors Matty J and Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins on Instagram.
Is there a doctor in the house? Elly wishes there was! (Images: Instagram @drchrisbrown/@ellymiles)

Will Helena walk out?

She's tipped to make the final three and impressed The Bachelor All-Stars who arrived at the mansion last week, but behind the scenes it's believed Helena Sauzier was hard work!
"She became very cold – both to the crew and girls," spills our Woman's Day's source. "It was hard to make her appear loving."
There are concerns that Helena, 25, wasn't putting in much effort to make a connection with the Bachelor.
"She never really put up a proper fight for Matt," adds the insider.
Even the other women have noticed Helena's indifference. (Image: Network Ten)

Osher dumped for Anna Heinrich?

In a bid to revitalise the brand that is said to have taken a huge hit in recent seasons, Ten executives are set to make some dramatic changes, starting with a host shake-up.
Sources tell Woman's Day that long-time presenter Osher Gunsberg, 45, will be booted from The Bachelor in 2020 to make way for someone new – former winner Anna Heinrich!
"Osher is stale, he doesn't add anything new – time for a change," the source explains, adding that with him juggling four reality shows and a new baby, he's due for a rest.
Anna, 32, who appears in the 10 series Trial By Kyle, is said to be gunning for the role.
"She's young, professional, attractive and has been through the experience before," the source adds.
Is former Bachelor winner Anna Heinrich going to fill Osher's shoes? (Images: Network Ten)

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