The Bachelor Australia

Does The Bachelor's Mauritian beauty Helena Sauzier have what it takes to win Matt's heart?

The blonde bombshell is a top contender.

By Alex Lilly
She was the very first lady to step out of the limo on this year's season of The Bachelor, but how much do we really know about Helena Sauzier?
The 25 year-old blonde wowed Matt with her exotic accent and French skills (the language, not so much the kissing!) as soon as he met her, but there's a lot more to Helena than meets the eye.
Perth beauty Helena is a health and wellness coach and applied for The Bachelor in the hopes of meeting someone kind, loyal and confident to be her future life partner.
"I've always been one to follow my head over my heart but I'm so ready to be able to meet someone and for my heart to just completely take over," she said in the premiere episode.
And once she met Matt, it's safe to say she was smitten, declaring: "He is everything I could've hoped for. I definitely got flutters, I'm excited."
Helena was the first girl to meet Matt in the premiere episode. (Image: Network Ten)
Since their first encounter, Helena and Matt's connection has strengthened and the two have had a few moments to themselves to explore their relationship.
After their first single date, where they created their own baby pearl, Helena was left a little stumped when she only received a kiss on the cheek. But the two certainly made up for it a couple of episodes later, when they snuck away from the cocktail party and shared a memorable pash.
"I look like the Joker!" Matt laughed when he realised Helena's red lipstick had left a mark ... literally!
Red lipstick suits you Matt! (Image: Network Ten)
Originally hailing from sunny Mauritius, Helena moved to Australia when she was eight years-old, where she completed high school.
Like Matt, she's a smart cookie, having studied at the University of Sydney, where she earned her Bachelor of Science (Health Science, Nursing and Sociology) with a distinction average. On the show, Helena added that she lived in London for two years, so she's certainly seen a lot of the world!
According to her LinkedIn profile, she currently works as a Human Resources Consultant for CBH Group and has been employed by the company since June 2019, having previously worked as a Clinical Support Associate for W.L Gore & Associates.
Looking professional as ever, Helena is one smart, well-travelled lady. (Image: LinkedIn)
Helena's also dabbled in a spot of modelling. In a campaign for Iconic Dentistry, a company specialising in boutique cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic facial injectables, the Bachelor contestant flashes her pearly whites.
"One of our gorgeous patients showing off her Iconic Smile! Just stunning!" the caption reads.
But aside from her modelling shots, Helena also shares plenty of personal snaps on her Instagram account.
Say cheese! (Image: Instagram @iconicdentistry)
If you feel like a spot of stalking, you can find Helena on Insta via the handle @helenasauzier, where there are heaps of snaps of herself, her loved ones and her home country of Mauritius.
And with all those beaches, palm trees and sunshine, why on earth did she and her family move? Now we think about it, Australia's got some pretty decent beaches and weather too!
Beach babe! (Image: Instagram @helenasauzier)
As for Helena's relationship with Matt, she's confessed he's a "great kisser" and a "hot nerd", but it's not love just quite yet.
"He's an absolutely incredible man and even though I hate the saying, he really does tick all the boxes," she told NW.
"It's a bit far-fetched to say I'm madly in love with him right now, but I do think there's a great future ahead for us."