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EXCLUSIVE: The top 7 Bachelor babes reveal what they REALLY think about Matt

The lucky top seven dish on hook-ups, drama and why they deserve the Bachelor's final rose.

By NW team
We've hit crunch time at the Bachelor mansion with the top seven girls revealed and now in an NW exclusive, the girls reveal what they REALLY think of the good doctor.
The Bachie babes are coming in hot and spill all!

Kristen - "I want to take Matt to China!"

Matt and Kristen are adventurous and playful. (Source: Supplied)
What do you and Matt have in common?
We're adventurous and we're playful – I think that was clear on our kayak date. We're both at the same stage in life where our careers are sorted. So now it's time to find that special someone.
Could Matt be The One?
He's a beautiful man, yes, and he's definitely the kind of guy I go for. He's funny, he's intelligent, he's compassionate... And he's hot! Yes, that's true!
Have you discussed China with him much?
He loves to travel and so do I, but he hasn't been to China. It's a significant part of my life and I'd love to share that with him one day!

Chelsie - "Matt loves my butt!"

"I'm attracted to him on a physical and intellectual level." (Source: Supplied)
You had some steamy action in the pool with Matt. R-rated or PG?
It was definitely PG! I was a bit self-conscious with the cameras around and I'm taken quite seriously in my job as a chemical engineer. But I'm happy with how it turned out on air.
How would you describe your connection?
I'm attracted to him on a physical and intellectual level. The chemistry I have with Matt is so much stronger than with other guys I've dated.
What do you think Matt likes about you?
My brain, I hope – and my butt! It gets a few compliments so it must stand out!

Abbie - "We're talking about marriage!"

"I'm not ruling out ever having kids or getting married." (Source: Supplied)
Matt wants a wife and kids soon, but are you even on the same page?
Yes, but a lot of what we talked about hasn't been shown on air. I am only 23, but I'm not ruling out ever having kids or getting married – of course that's something I want. I'm falling for Matt in a big way and so we've had multiple chats about that.
Your chemistry is off the charts. What's hot about Matt?
He's a really good kisser. Helena, Chelsie and I would compare notes after our dates with him. We all agreed that he's a great kisser.
So it's not just a lust thing between you two, then?
No! Matt and I have had some great chats and we are so close already. I can definitely see myself falling in love with him.

Sogand - "Abbie is totally playing Matt"

"It's was full-on at the time." (Source: Supplied)
What's the hottest thing about Matt?
His voice. I like a manly voice. He's also a really good kisser! I was his first kiss on the show, so I think he got better with time too!
Any turn-offs?
Just how he was a bit played or manipulated by Abbie, who's so much younger than him. I thought he might be a bit smarter about that.
How bad did your feud with Abbie get?
They can't show everything that went down, but I know exactly what happened. It's was full-on at the time, but Abbie and I spoke about it, and we've moved on. I was just trying to protect Matt. I'm passionate and I get fired up easily.

Helena - "I'm not in love with Matt"

"He's a great kisser." (Source: Supplied)
How would you describe your feelings for Matt?
He's an absolutely incredible man and even though I hate the saying, he really does tick all the boxes. It's a bit far-fetched to say I'm madly in love with him right now, but I do think there's a great future ahead for us.
You two shared a very hot kiss. Is he a good kisser?
He's a great kisser. Our first kiss was very passionate, but it was also really fun too, thanks to him ending up looking like the Joker.
What else do you find hot about him?
I'm attracted to nerds – he's definitely a hot nerd. It's ridiculous! I didn't know guys like him existed.

Elly - "He could break my heart!"

"I can only focus on one guy at a time." (Source: Supplied)
You're from New South Wales. Can you see yourself moving to Melbourne to be with Matt?
Yes, we talked about it quite a lot. I said my home will always be where my heart is and I could move anywhere for love. For me, work's not really an issue because I can do it anywhere. I love Melbourne and can see myself there one day.
Some of the other girls had their eye on crew guys. Did you have a plan B?
No. I can only focus on one guy at a time – and for me, Matt was that guy.
So you're falling for him?
Yes, there are feelings and it's scary because you feel vulnerable. This guy could break my heart, but it's been such a great experience so it will be worth it. You'll have to wait and see!

Emma - "Matt's hair turns me on"

"I was there to find love and I do really like Matt." (Source: Supplied)
How in love with Matt are you at this point in the show?
I think all of Australia knows by now that I've got strong feelings for Matt – but I'm no stage-five clinger. Matt asked us all to be open and honest with him about what we want in a relationship, and where we're at in life. And that's what I did. It was very reassuring when he told me he wants the same things I do.
Has it been hard to watch your edit?
No, because I was there to find love and I do really like Matt – but so do the other girls who are still here...
What's the hottest thing about Matt?
His hair! He's got great hair and it's never out of place.
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