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EXCLUSIVE: Bachelor's Abbie opens up about THAT controversial kiss

Well that escalated quickly.

By OK! team
After nabbing coveted alone time with Bachelor Matt Agnew, contender Abbie Chatfield opted to make a move.
"After the photo shoot there was real chemistry there," the property analyst tells OK!.
"I'd told the girls that I wouldn't kiss him when we had our time alone together in the orchard, because I didn't want to assume that he would kiss me."
But what happened next took Abbie a little bit by surprise.
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"In the moment – we were both nervous – there was a real spark between us and it just happened."
Oh, and FYI, Abbie says Matt is a "fantastic" kisser!
Opting to confess was her only option, the Queenslander insists.
"I was wearing red lipstick – and when I came back, I wasn't," she says.
"I wasn't going to lie."
Matt and Abbie had a clear connection from the start. (Network Ten)
Despite owning up, the other ladies were furious the 23-year-old had made a move on the hunky astrophysicist.
"She became one of the most unpopular girls in the house," an insider tells OK!.
While she technically broke the girl code, Abbie says others would've done the same.
"I'm not sorry, I'm here to find love," she admits. 
She kissed the Bachelor and she liked it – but the other girls in the mansion didn't!
Abbie isn't sorry about what happened... (Network Ten)

Rachael speaks out

Contender Rachael Arahill has something to say about the kiss.
"Abbie's a sly dog," says the personal trainer.
"All the girls were angry. It caused a huge divide."
Rachael had a lot to say about the matter! (Network Ten)

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