Survivor's Steven Bradbury slammed as a total fake

The Olympic champ failed to win over his teammates.

Following his elimination from Australian Survivor, Woman's Day can reveal that former Olympic champion Steven Bradbury was ruffling more than a few feathers.
According to our on-set spy, the father-of-three was far more concerned about his public image, than the show he was starring on!
The former Olympian ruffled a few feathers amongst the Champions. (Image: Network Ten)
"He was difficult to deal with behind the scenes, nobody really liked him at all," says our insider, who reveals Steven, 45, put contestants offside after telling them who to vote for, creating widespread tension within the camp, especially with Abbey Holmes.
"[He] begged his teammates not to make him out to be an asshole on the show, because he was worried about losing money from his work and damaging his image," says the spy, who adds the former speed skater was cautious of being dropped as a motivational speaker after his appearance on the reality show.
WATCH: Nova Peris admits she was blindsided on Survivor and thought Steve would be going home. Post continues after video...
Speaking of his elimination to TV WEEK, the former Olympian said he was pretty sure that he was the only person not voting for him that night and that his attempt to convince the tribe that he had an idol was "a last-ditch effort."
"Being the person who put together the sporting alliance and it disintegrated, my head was on the chopping block from that point and I knew it was a matter of time."
"He was difficult to deal with behind the scenes, nobody really liked him at all." (Image: Network Ten)

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