Survivor fans are divided over Pia Miranda's controversial win

Well-deserved or just a predictable result?

By Alex Lilly
Another season of Australian Survivor is done and dusted, with actress Pia Miranda taking out the title of Sole Survivor and pocketing a tidy half a million dollars.
But after Luke's emotional exit on Monday night (yes, it's still too soon), not everyone is pleased with the winner's result, and fans have taken to social media to voice their rather passionate feelings.
Pia was set to be the favourite to win, with Sportsbet placing her at $1.15 just hours before the finale aired, but not everyone was hoping the Looking For Alibrandi star would take the crown.
Despite the unanimous 9-0 win, fans have slammed the actress for her lack-lustre game play claiming that neither she nor runner-up Baden Gilbert deserved to be in the final two and that the title should've gone to someone like third runner-up Harry Hills or fourth place's Luke Toki.
Many pointed out that it was Baden who dug his own grave with his choice to take Pia to the final with him, over Harry Hills.
And after Pia verbally annihilated him in front of the jury, viewers knew that her win was imminent.
However, it wasn't all negative news for Pia.
The mum-of-two was praised by fans for her exceptional social skills, acting tricks (fake laughing and all) and final pitch to win over her competitors and eventually take them down.
And of course her proud Survivor bestie, the Godmother herself Janine Allis, was quick to share her support for the Smiling Assassin.
"What an extra ordinarily effort. You are a superwomen," the Boost CEO wrote.

Pia herself has copped a lot of hate during her time on the show, with many declaring she just cruised her way to victory and was a snake for voting fellow Champion Luke out on Monday night.
This year's contestants, including Luke himself, rallied around Pia, offering their support for her decision and acknowledging how tough it must have been. The Looking For Alibrandi star even confessed via her own Instagram account that the decision was "brutal" and tore her apart, but was necessary for her to stay in the game.
"At the end of the day we are all out there playing to change our lives and Harry, Baden and I made a choice that was strategically right but morally painful. So send me all your snake emojis and know that I get it," she captioned her post.
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As a longtime fan of the show, Pia admitted that whilst she'd had many offers to do reality television, she'd always turned it down. But Survivor was another story.
"I actually applied to go on the US version when I was in my 20s, and considered applying for US citizenship so I could compete," she admitted to OK! magazine.
"I have a pretty deep love for Survivor. I've been watching it since the very first season in 2000. I really know how it works," Pia said before the show started.
"I am going to use all my skills as an actor and all my know-how as a massive Survivor fan to take this out and be the Sole Survivor."
Pia's social game was her secret weapon but admitted all the paranoia caught up with her once the show finished. (Image: Network Ten)
The mental side of it definitely got to Pia, with the mum-of-two admitting she felt like she was suffering from PTSD after the show wrapped filming.
"It took me a long time to relax – I thought everyone was plotting against me!" she told NW in a candid chat.
"I told myself, 'My family isn't plotting against me,' but some days I'd struggle to look them in the eye. I kept saying, 'I have to keep an eye on everyone.' But I was just being paranoid."
Controversial or not, congratulations on your win Pia! (Image: Network Ten)