Who is Survivor star Janine Allis' husband? Meet him and their family here

She may be the no-nonsense Godmother in Fiji, but back in Australia it's a different story.

By Alex Lilly
Many of us know Janine as the tough as nails Godmother on Australian Survivor and the entrepreneur behind Boost Juice, but what about her personal life?
The successful businesswoman is madly in love with her husband Jeff Allis and the two share four children, Samuel, 28, Oliver, 22, Riley, 20 and Tahlia, 10. Here's what we know about the Godmother's real family.
Janine and Jeff co-founded Boost back in 2000 after noticing the numerous juice bars in the US and seeing nothing like it back in Australia.
Being the business power couple that they are, Janine told Qantas' Travel Insider that while he is great at decision making, she is very detail-oriented.
"Working with your spouse has its challenges. There have been times when I've glared across the table at him. I could throttle him sometimes but I always put myself in other people's shoes and I didn't want a husband and wife bickering in meetings," she revealed to the publication.
"We learned early that if we work on the same project, it often doesn't end well so now we have complete responsibility for our respective areas. And we never take an issue to bed. The key thing is respect."
Janine's husband Jeff with their pet goat. (Image: Instagram @janine_allis)
Jeff himself described the two of them as complete opposites, but said that they had started to morph.
"I've gotten nicer and she's probably become a bit more robust in business," he said in the same interview before adding that 95 per cent of the time working together had been brilliant, despite the long hours, stress and managing to raise their children at the same time.
"It was the beast in the room of our marriage for 12 months but you get through it. At the end of the day, we love each other dearly and that holds it all together, doesn't it?"
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She continued, "We haven't always got it right but 20 years on, I love him more than I ever have in my life. Having the business together has kept us on the same path and kept our interests alive.
I don't believe the business would be where it is today without both of our brains. Individually we would have been successful but together we are formidable."
Despite their financial success though, Janine penned on her blog in 2016 that their "true success lies in love."
"Whether it was luck, fate, or a sixth sense, I married the man of my dreams; he is my perfect man and he brings the best out in me and is totally supportive of my work and life. I have four very different children whom I adore, and this is where I see my true success. When you are loved and you love back then you are actually happy and confident in who you are."
Janine and Jeff holiday in Japan, pictured here with three of their children. (Image: Instagram @janine_allis)
Janine and Jeff had three sons but when she was 39 and on a business trip in South Korea, she admitted on the I Don't Know How She Does It podcast that she booked her husband in for a vasectomy reversal when she felt the sudden want to have another child.
"I know it sounds a little bit weird but that is how it felt and by this stage my poor husband - I had sent him off to have a vasectomy. So he had a reversal and that didn't work so it took three years before this gorgeous little girl came into our lives," she confessed.
"So we had this conversation when I returned to Australia and I said "By the way you don't have to [book in], you are basically booked in next Tuesday which happens to be your birthday," she added.
"I look back and think that it's amazing that he just sort of when along with that. Maybe there is something in this world to say there is fate and this little girl needed to be in our lives."
Before her pregnancy with daughter Tahlia, Janine booked her husband in for a vasectomy reversal. (Image: Instagram @janine_allis)
And it's lucky Tahlia came into the world as she was the one who convinced the entrepreneur to star on Survivor.
Speaking about how she prepared for the show to 10 Daily, Janine said that while she trained physically with yoga and strength conditioning, she didn't feel the need to prepare mentally.
"The mental side, knowing that my husband and family were all in a good space, that was all the mental preparation that I needed."
Jeff and Janine smile for the camera at the iconic Taj Mahal. (Image: Instagram @janine_allis)

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