Roxy Jacenko's new reality TV show divides fans in a way you mightn't expect

Australia has spoken...

By Jess Pullar
On Wednesday evening, PR maven Roxy Jacenko saw the premiere of her brand new reality TV show, I Am Roxy hit Australian screens.
With baited breath, the 39-year-old would no doubt have been eagerly awaiting the jury's verdict on the Channel Ten programme, which follows her hectic life heading up busy lifestyle PR agency Sweaty Betty, raising children and, well... interacting with her husband.
And while the show itself was no doubt intended to generate a reaction, good or bad, the overall feeling in Australia as the pilot episode came to an end was one that might come as a surprise.
Making an appearance on The Project shortly before her new show aired, the PR guru seemed calm and at ease.
Did she think she had it in the bag or was she secretly imploding at the thought of wild backlash as her extravagant lifestyle (read: a wardrobe dripping in designer threads) and ball-busting attitude at work was laid bare for all to see?
Well, whatever boat she was in, the reaction from folks in the Twitter-verse was really quite positive, so much so that Roxy might well have garnered herself a brand new fanbase.
Roxy's new show has received some unexpected reviews. (Instagram / @roxyjacenko)
While there was some undoubtable hesitation towards the self-indulgent nature of the show, which could read like a massive plug for her business and profile for some, the blonde Sydney-sider had plenty of compliments aimed her way.
"CAN ROXY JACENKO ADOPT ME?????" Wrote one impassioned fan.
Another said: "Watching Roxy Jacenko and literally taking notes 😂😂😂"
Fans also couldn't seem to get past the fact that the show's narrator was, in fact, famed Aussie journalist Barrie Cassidy.
Yep, the slightly left-of-field choice came as a surprise to many - and they made sure to let the world know.
But before we get away with ourselves and start thinking about seasons two, three and four, the show didn't come without some criticisms.
"Will eat my own eyeballs before I watch Roxy Jacenko's reality show #pilotweek," wrote one Twitter user.
"Deadset, Barry Cassidy doing Roxy Jacenko is doing my head in. WTF is going on???" Said another.
Not everyone was a fan of Roxy's TV (and real life?) persona... (Network Ten)
But whatever your opinions are, there's something uncanny about the show, and it's something we can only liken to er, other reality TV shows we've seen gracing our screens a lot these days.
Much like the Kardashians, The Bachelor and good old MAFS - it's not the best, worldliest content you'll ever see, but sometimes, you just can't look away.
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