"Surely not, please be a joke": Fans are in bits after Bachelor in Paradise's Ciarran makes an, um, suggestive comment to Big Brother's Sophie Budack

~Bites tongue~

By Jess Pullar
They say there's six degrees of separation in this world, but in the case of reality TV stars, we reckon it's more like two... if not one-and-a-half degrees is a little more accurate.
In news that's frankly sent us and many others around the bender, Bachelor in Paradise's boldest villain Ciarran Stott has made an, er, suggestive comment to another reality alum - and the reaction to said comment sums up exactly how we're feeling.
Pointed out by fan account Bachie Funny on Monday evening, Ciarran appeared to leave a comment on an Instagram Live video, hosted by Big Brother's Sophie Budack.
In the comment, Ciarran wrote: "Babe hurry up I'm downstairs with coffee."

The account summed up the subtle dig, writing: "After going through every female contestant from all eight seasons of The Bachelor, Ciarran now appears to be moving onto the Big Brother 2020 cast."
Fans reflected the sentiment, with many taking to the comments section to voice their serious concern.
"This man CANNOT be tamed," wrote one.
"Is it just me or is he seriously overrating his chances with girls now after the way he acted on BIP?" Another pondered.
But perhaps don't jump the gun, guys - it pays to do a little research to see if there's anything to this cheeky comment.
Fans were, er, unimpressed with any potential for budding romance between these two. (Instagram)
As it turns out, Ciarran and Sophie are friends from way back.
Both having lived in Perth back in the day, Ciarran and Sophie already formed a friendship before either went on reality TV.
In fact, in July, Ciarran shared a sweet birthday throwback post for Sophie, proving how long their relationship goes back.
"Happy Birthday chick @sophiebudack," Ciarran wrote.
Ciarran posted this picture for his long-time pal in July. (Instagram)
Sophie has also spoken of her and Ciarran's friendship before, telling the Daily Mail, "We've been besties for years and years. We're both from Darwin."
Sophie also made headlines for her relationship with the eventual Big Brother winner, Chad.
While it's unclear as to whether the pair are still together, there could be a simple explanation as to their current separation - what with the small feat of state borders being closed and all of that.
So for now, we're taking Ciarran's comment with a very, er, big grain of salt.
Sophie and Chad were romantically linked during their stint on Big Brother. (Channel Seven)