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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother's Chad and Sophie have discussed those rumours about their fake romance, and he has one response

As it comes down to the wire, Chad has a clear technique to deal with the critique.

By Jess Pullar
Big Brother's Chad Hurst has played a smart game in the house.
So smart in fact, that the model has landed himself in the top three, along with a guaranteed spot in Wednesday's finale.
The move is no doubt about to send fans into a frenzy, as he is pitted against his own love interest Sophie and the competitive Daniel.
But for Chad, there's one thing he wants to make clear about his actions on the show - and TV WEEK heard it straight from the horse's mouth.
TV WEEK: Congratulations, Chad! You've made it to the final three, how do you feel?
CHAD: I feel really good to have made it this far. I didn't think there was a chance I'd make it here so it's a nice feeling.
How have you found watching the show back? Has anything surprised you?
I feel like they got the characters spot on, and there were a few things that I didn't know happened - like the time when Angela and Matt and all that teamed up - I didn't know about it [till I watched it]. That spun me out.
At the start I didn't realise how many other dramas were happening at the start either, it made me realise that I was actually pretty safe back then, even though I thought I wasn't.
Chad's stayed true to himself throughout the journey. (Channel Seven)
You came on the show was because of your late father, who loved to watch it. What do you think he'd say to you now?
I played the game that he would have wanted me to play, which was to just be me and stick to my morals, but also have some fun.
That's exactly what I did. Sometimes I had some stupid moments [laughs], but I think he'd just be proud.
How have you found the wait between being in the Big Brother house and waiting for the finale?
Because of corona it was terrible - there was no work, I was just home and stuck here. You get a bit in your head.
But then when work started again [doing personal training] it got me really busy - I'm lucky I was doing PT. I was sitting there waiting for the gym to open!
The reality star went on the show for his late father, who was a big fan of Big Brother. (Instagram)
Let's talk about that romance with Sophie! What's it been like re-watching it back on TV?
It was really nice, everything that happened in the house with me and Sophie was really genuine, and it's really nice the way they've done it all [on TV].
People have suggested the relationship between you and Sophie was fake for the sake of the competition, how do you want to respond to that?
To be honest, I've only read one article about it since I've been on the show, I think it's better for your mental health to not read into these things.
At the end of the day it's a big risk and I know Sophie looks into these articles and she's told me about them, but I just tell her we don't want to hear it. It's just an article.
Speaking of, how are you and Sophie adjusting to life outside of the house? Are you still speaking lots?
Well, corona went ham on everything, so she got sent back to Northern Territory and I went straight back to Sydney, so we haven't to see each other since the show finished.
But we call each other with each episode and we've been chatting through messages.
[The finale] is when I'll see her next. It'll be really good - we deserve it, we can have a good old drink together finally.
Chad and Sophie's unexpected romance has charmed the masses. (Channel Seven)
Are you happy you chose Dan for the final three,despite thinking he was a bigger threat?
Look, Dan's most likely going to beat me, but I'd rather lose and keep my morals than win and not have morals. Money you can get over, but not morals!
What would you do with the prize money if you win?
Well, I originally had two ideas when I first got there - I wanted to take the boys to Vegas, but obviously we can't do that now, so maybe I'll just take them to Noosa or the Whitsundays. And with the rest I wanted to pay my Ma's bills and take her away.
I also share the money with Sophie, it'd be bulls**t if I don't! We did this together.

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