EXCLUSIVE: Eliminated Beauty and the Geek's Jessica and Jackson reveal they have the strongest relationship to come out of the show

''I definitely think of Jackson as my guy best friend.''

By Faye Couros
Beauty and the Geek's Jessica Antoniou and Jackson Palmer may be the second couple sent packing, but this hasn't stopped them from developing one of the strongest relationships to come out of the show.
The disappointment on both Jessica and Jackson's faces when Sophie Monk reveals they are eliminated is a hard watch, and the duo reveals to TV Week that while it was sad to leave so early, they have gained a lot.
"I felt like at the time we were eliminated, we were starting to build a really good friendship, and that was only the start of our Beauty and the Geek journey, so it sucked to be split up during that time," says Jess.
Jackson and Jessica surviving their first elimination round. Instagram
Fortunately, they have both gained a lot from the competition, and Jackson has been able to work on his inner confidence.
"Since leaving, I have grown in confidence, and I have changed how I feel about myself and how I approach different situations. Like I am more confidant in talking with people, especially new people, it's been a massive boost," he tells TV Week.
"Before I came onto the show, I always had an appearance of confidence. I just make jokes all the time to pretend I am confident in the situation. But deep down, I probably wasn't being true to myself, and Jessica really helped me come out of that and be a bit more confident overall."
As for Jessica, she feels like the judgement-free nature of the show gave her a rare opportunity to feel understood.
"My biggest insecurity was that people wouldn't really give me the time of day. I guess in my normal life, the way I come across because I can be quite shy when people get to know me at the beginning, so people tend to judge me quickly.
"But I think I have quite a big heart, and it was really nice for everyone on the show to just understand each other and that everyone comes from the same place," she shares.
In the months since saying goodbye, Jess and Jackson have developed a long-lasting companionship.
"Since leaving, I have grown in confidence, and I have changed." Instagram
"We have gotten closer since leaving the show just because having to go from the heartbreak of going out together and then being in completely different states, we have been keeping in contact on a regular basis," says Jackson.
Jessica reveals they talk to each other the most out of all the couples and that Jackson has become one of her closest confidantes.
"Out of all the pairs, even the ones that have gotten so much further than us, I think we actually have been talking way more than they have. I think we are one of the only pairs in the competition who talk every day," she says. "I think of Jackson as my guy best friend, like I can just tell him everything."
The duo even has plans to start a podcast together after their success during the radio show challenge.
"Just to grab the bull by its horns while we can." Instagram
Jessica, who studies journalism, took to the task naturally, and Jackson was able to match her energy wonderfully, so there is no doubt whatever podcast they offer will be entertaining.
"We were talking a lot about possibly starting a little podcast together, just to grab the bull by its horns while we can," announces Jess.
However, fans may have to wait a little while for the project because when asked what it will be about, the couple couldn't say yet – so watch this space.
"We need to come up with some kind of idea," says Jackson.
Jessica adds, "Definitely something lighthearted."
Jackson making Jessica laugh with his good sense of humour. Instagram
For fans curious about how Jackson's lucrative collection of crazy hats came about, he explains the story behind it to TV Week.
"It was kind of a joke I took too far, so I bought one and I wear it to parties and stuff and then I thought 'I will keep buying them' and next thing you know you have 30 – it's gone far too far."

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