Knowledge is strength: The best documentaries, books and podcasts about racial inequality within Australia

Listen, watch, educate.

By Jess Pullar
The world is currently experiencing an upheaval unlike any other in modern history - and it's for an incredibly important reason.
The Black Lives Matter movement has swept the world like never before after a 46-year-old black man and father, George Floyd, was killed in the United States at the hands of police brutality.
People spoke up, protested, and took action - and finally this time, people have listened.
But the issue at hand is not new - in fact, it's as old as time itself as black and Indigenous communities and people of colour have been subject to systematic racism in a society that has - until now at least - turned a blind eye.
But enough is enough - the confronting nature of these protests have the potential to propel us to bring change to society (no matter how big or small that change is), and it is pertinent that we understand that - especially here in Australia.
As residents of Australia, its easy to think that the protests in the wake of George Floyd are far away, something that doesn't entirely apply to our own lives.
But this issue is not confined to the United States - it is well and truly here as well. In fact, since 1991, 432 Indigenous Australians have died in custody.
Racism in the US and other countries across the world is indeed completely relevant here - and we must remember that it is happening right in our own back yards.
Looking at the issue can seem so big - "What can I do?" You ask. What can one person do to help solve an issue that's grown, spiralled and spanned across hundreds of years?
The first, and most important step is to simply be aware.
At some point or another, it's incredibly likely that any given white person has subconsciously said something or actioned something in a way skewed towards systematic racism.
But never before has this reality been so clear to us as stories, facts and anecdotes pertaining to this flood social media in the wake of the protests.
The Black Lives Matter movement has swept the globe like never before at present - and it's for a very important reason. (Getty)
Now is the very best opportunity for us to stop, listen and learn - to take this opportunity and work towards changing societal mindsets.
Of course, it's easy to get lost in the sea of content currently pouring out across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
So instead of wading through everything, we have found some of the best podcasts, books documentaries for you to watch, read and listen to.
If this issue is going to be solved, even in small ways, we need to keep talking about it - and it all starts with knowledge.
After watching any of the below podcasts and documentaries, we encourage you to continue the conversation - share them with your friends, and talk about them.
Change begins with the individual - and it's on us to make that happen.