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EXCLUSIVE: Married My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans' secret crush on contestant Kerry

The mother-of-two is happily married, but it hasn't stopped the celebrity chef.

By Woman's Day team
It's not just simmering pots causing rising temperatures on the set of My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals this year.
Speaking to Woman's Day, a well-placed source reveals judge Pete Evans has eyes for new contestant Kerry!
While the mother-of-two is happily married, our insider says it hasn't stopped Pete, 46, from taking a liking to the 34-year-old former army sergeant, who is starring on the show alongside her sister Kaylene, 29.
Pete was "flirting" with Kerry, says our insider. (Image: Channel Seven)
"He is noticeably fond of her, he definitely had a crush. They get a long like an absolute house on fire," says the source. "She's quite striking and he obviously fancies her tough girl appeal."
According to the insider, Pete made a series of eyebrow-raising comments over dinner about Kerry's similarities to his second wife, Nicola Robinson.
WATCH: See what Pete Evans and his wife Nicola got up to on their unusual honeymoon. Story continues below...
"He kept mentioning how much she reminded him of her and pointed out that she looked like Nicola," says the source who insists Pete was flirting with the amateur cook.
"He even made a joke about wanting Nicola to cut her hair like Kerry."
Pete's wife Nicola. (Image: Instagram)

The truth about Ibby & Romel’s shock split!

In a shock twist, season four villain Sophia Pou is teaming up with Romel Kouyan, who has ditched his former partner Ibby Moubadder!
Our source says Ibby point blank refused to star alongside Romel again.
"There was no way Ibby was coming back to compete with him – they had a huge falling out after filming wrapped last year," reveals the insider.
Ibby (left) won't be returning to MKR alongside Romel (right) this year. Image: Channel Seven

MKR’s secret actress revealed

Quirky Sue Ann is already causing a stir on set with her fellow amateur cooks.
But off-screen Woman's Day can reveal the Malaysian mother-of-two is actually an actress, who's looking for work as an extra!
"Everyone on the show is wondering if the producers have planted her on set and paid her to be this year's 'wacky star'," says an insider.
Is Sue Ann (left) on the show for the right reasons? (Images: Channel Seven/ Supplied)

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