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My Kitchen Rules’ Andy has had her fill of Josh’s poor behaviour

“Josh is a psychopath!”

Home-schooled brothers Josh and Austin have dished out plenty of harsh comments about the other teams on MKR. But this week, Josh finds himself on the receiving end when Andy calls him a psychopath.
Andy, 31, tells TV WEEK it wasn't just a random insult.
"Josh had this annoying ethos: 'If you take offence to something I say, that's your fault and I'm not going to apologise for it,'" she explains.
"If you hurt someone, at least say, 'Sorry that I hurt your feelings.' Josh has a lack of empathy, and that's a big trait in psychopaths."
Josh and Austin have ruffled feathers on the series.
However, Andy reveals that Josh and Austin did make one apology during the competition − about the comment Josh made early on in MKR about her being ugly.
"They said, 'Andy, we actually want to take that back,'" she remembers.
"I didn't believe them. I'm like, 'Oh, come on,' and they're like, 'No, Andy − now that I'm sitting next to you, you're actually really pretty.'"
Meanwhile, Victor and G are unhappy with comments Josh and Austin made about their ethnicity.
Victor tells TV WEEK that the brothers made a comment about them buying all the curry powder in the supermarket when they were preparing a sweet dish for the show.
"Things like that were just unnecessary," Victor says.
Andy says she remembers Victor, whose mum is Malaysian Indian, being "really upset".
"That's who they were," she says. "They sometimes said things that were just, 'Whoa! Come on.'"
Victor and G were unhappy with Josh and Austin.
Victor says the brothers made other "heinous" comments to other teams.
"I tried to tell them: 'Look, I know you guys are on this show and it's all exciting, but you're very young − you're making comments that are going to taint your names forever,'" he explains.
"'You might regret this in 10 years' time when you're trying to get a serious job.' But they didn't take my advice."
My Kitchen Rules airs Monday to Wednesday 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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