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My Kitchen Rules’ Josh and Austin hit back: “We felt attacked”

The brothers explain what really happened at their disastrous instant restaurant

By Zara Zubeidi
Sydney brothers Josh and Austin admit their Instant Restaurant was one of "the worst My Kitchen Rules Instant Restaurant's in history". But Josh tells TV WEEK there were reasons for what went down.
"We don't have a very nice kitchen, and the oven died," he explains. "On top of that, we didn't have any sleep the night before, which is due to another reason we can't tell you about."
Josh, 25, says it was one of the worst nights of his life.
"Even though none of the other contestants got along with us, I still really wanted to give them good food, but it just didn't happen."
Josh and Austin say they felt attacked at their Instant Restaurant.
When the main course took more than four hours to arrive and the chicken was still raw, judge Manu ripped into the brothers. He said he was "disappointed", especially as they'd savaged other contestants' dishes.
Austin, 22, explains why he looked so shocked at Manu's feedback.
"That facial reaction was because they've always asked us to give an opinion," he says. "That's where the attitude came in. We were all tired that night, but it annoyed me as well."
Josh says he and Austin always respected good food, no matter who cooked it – even with Ibby and Romel, and he "hated their guts". However, he believes the other teams didn't afford them any respect.
"Even Manu did that," Josh says. "We were a bit pi**ed off with him about that."
Manu let rip at the boys.
But Manu, 44, tells TV WEEK he gave the brothers the "benefit of the doubt" and it was only after they served their "inedible" main course that he let loose.
"I felt annoyed that they were potentially taking away someone else's dream of being a part of this competition," he explains.
Manu says he has nothing against any contestant having an opinion.
"But there's a big difference between having an opinion and being insulting," he says.
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