My Kitchen Rules

All the secrets of MKR 2018, exposed!

The judges and contestants tell us what really goes on behind the cameras.

By Kietley Isrin and Thomas Mitchell
Things are heating up on My Kitchen Rules, but according to the contestants of the 2018 season, it's what goes on behind the cameras that really sizzles.
From teams who can't cook to couples picking up bad habits as a result of their time on the show, the cast spill on all the drama this season.

Manu Feildel

MKR is meant to be a cooking competition. But for judge Manu Feildel, this season has been the worst when it comes to skills.
"There are teams you look at and go, 'What the heck are you doing here?'" the 44-year-old reveals.
"People come in and their food knowledge is a little light. It's a cooking show – and, of course, you want people to compete – so that annoys me."
He says he can easily identify those on the show who are only in it for their 15 minutes of fame.
"I just look at them and you can 
tell," he explains. "They're not here to open their minds about what else there is to offer food-wise. It can be incredibly frustrating."
Manu is getting increasingly frustrated with some contestants' lack of skills.

Pete Evans

He's been hosting My Kitchen Rules for the past nine years. And while Pete Evans has collected thousands of fans along the way, at home, it's a different story.
The 44-year-old admits his daughters Chilli, 13, and 11-year-old Indii aren't fans of the show.
"My kids don't really watch it," Pete says. "I don't force them to.
"We watch it together if we have time, but it is what it is."
Dad Pete instead spends time whipping up some treats with Indii (left) and Chilli.

Sonya and Hadil

It seems skills in the kitchen are not the thing besties Hadil and Sonya gained on the cooking show. They say they've also put on a few extra kilos.
"I put on a whopping five kilos," 34-year-old businesswoman Sonya tells TV WEEK. "You become sluggish, eating at odd hours."
As for her best friend and teammate Hadil?
"I put on about three kilos," the 30-year-old brunette adds.

Jess and Emma

After reports that an off-camera "incident" saw one team kicked off the show, rumours have circulated that sisters Jess and Emma were the ones ordered to pack their bags.
But outspoken 31-year-old Jess insists that's simply not the case.
"It [the alleged incident] actually happened to us," the Sydneysider declares. "We're just taking the fire.
"But we know the truth and it will come out very soon."

Alex and Emily

It's no secret the stress of the competition takes its toll on contestants. And for Queensland couple Alex and Emily, the pressure of it has led 
to the pair reaching for the cigarettes.
"The stress made me take it up again," Alex, 35, reveals. "I smoked a lot more during production. Both Emily and I did."
Stress saw Alex and Emily turn to a nasty habit.

Henry Terry

Leaving your business behind to go on a reality show is tough. And Tasmanian truffle farmer Henry admits he had doubts about his decision to compete on MKR.
"There were a lot of factors I needed to consider," the 26-year-old tells TV WEEK.
"It wasn't an easy decision. Thankfully, I have great parents and friends who were able to look after everything for me while I was away."

Roula and Rachael

According to Roula, contestants are told not to talk to each other if the cameras aren't rolling.
"We weren't allowed to talk off-camera," the 34-year-old says. "So you become very paranoid."
She explains that alcohol is freely available as well, which adds to the drama.
"I eventually had to stop drinking," she says.
Roula says making conversation wasn't natural.

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