My Kitchen Rules

MKR contestants Jess and Emma defend their ‘villain’ behaviour

“Rachael was bratty and immature, with no life experience.”

By Kietley Isrin
The new season of My Kitchen Rules began last night and already there are battle lines drawn between two teams – Rachael and Roula and Jess and Emma.
Sassy My Kitchen Rules siblings Jess and Emma don't hold back when it comes to their opinion of on-screen rivals, best friends Roula and Rachael.
The two female teams have been at each other's throats since day one. On-set rumour has it things are about to get worse.
"If I don't agree with something, I'll be the first person to say it," Jess, 31, declares.
These women don't keep their opinions to themselves!
She adds that during filming she had more of an issue with Rachael than with Roula.
"In terms of personalities, I think I can relate to Roula, as she just tells it the way it is," Jess says. "But I thought Rachael was bratty and immature, with no life experience."
In fact, Jess admits while she has become friends with most of the contestants, the same can't be said for Rachael.
"I can respect her," the mother-of-one says. "But even now I'd never be friends with her."
Older sibling Emma agrees with her sister.
"I liked them to start with, but after a while it became clear they weren't nice people," the 38-year-old says.
"Saying we're jealous of them is just immature."
Meanwhile, Roula and Rachael said they often went home crying after their confrontations.
"Rachael and I felt very isolated on that table," Roula admits. "It was like everyone had it in for us."
"The arguments started from the get-go," Rachael explains. "I didn't expect it and it was just us versus them from the start, which is quite odd. I think Emma and Jess weren't willing to get to know us, which was the issue."
You can read more of Rachael and Roula's side to the story here.

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