My Kitchen Rules

Is MKR's Henry Terry the next Bachelor?

The hunky truffle farmer may already have his sights set on another reality show.

He's rumoured to be dating fellow My Kitchen Rules contestant Jazzey. But Tasmanian truffle farmer Henry is open to another reality TV stint should the opportunity arise.
While catching up with Henry, TV WEEK couldn't resist asking the handsome 26-year-old if he would consider appearing on the next season of The Bachelor Australia.
And if his response is anything to go by, it's certainly not out of the question.
"I guess it's flattering that people want me to do it," he laughs. "I'm just not sure how I would go on a show like that – putting my love life out in public."
We're sure there'd be more than a few ladies happy to see Henry on the show.
Henry admits that since securing a spot on MKR, women – some in the competition and plenty outside it – have been throwing themselves at him.
"It does make me a bit uncomfortable," he says. "It's definitely not something I'm used to, but it's flattering."
Meanwhile, Henry's sister Anna isn't at all surprised by all the attention her sibling is receiving.
"He's always been a hit with the ladies and I find it quite funny," Anna, 24, says. "But I do feel sorry for him, because he gets quite uncomfortable with all the attention he gets."
Henry has plenty of female admirers, including fellow contestant Jazzey.
This week, during the instant restaurant round, Sonya and Louisa find themselves in a tug of war over the Tasmanian heart-throb after he'd caught their eye.
However, Anna reveals having to deal with the constant flirting eventually became all too much for her brother.
"He's a very humble guy," Anna says. "But I know he got to a point where he became a bit frustrated with the attention and the constant focus on it.
"I'm very protective of him, so I decided to step in."
As for Henry's rumoured relationship with Jazzey, Anna says she's already given the 21-year-old Perth-based waitress her tick of approval.
"As soon as I saw Jazzey, I leaned over to Henry and said, 'I like that girl!'" Anna recalls with a smile. "She was my best friend throughout the competition – she's one in a million."

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