Masterchef secrets spilled! Cover-ups, hook ups and shock backlash

Which star chefs are in hot water?!

By Woman's Day team
The 2020 season of Masterchef has been hotter than ever, with cut-throat competition in the kitchen!
Now we lift the lid on the cover-ups, hook-ups & shock backlash from the contestants and judges alike.

Simon and Jess: Secretly in love?!

She's made no secret of the fact that her number-one man on the show is her bestie Reece Hignell, but fans are convinced dessert queen Jessica Liemantara has 
a secret crush on fellow cook Simon Toohey!
In a touching post dedicated to the 21-year-old, Simon, 33, told fans Jess is a "shining light in the world" who is loved by him, under a cute selfie 
of the duo.
The cute pair swapped love messages. Image: Instagram
Fans gushed over the pic, approving their close bond.
"Aw Simon, meeting you for the first time it's funny how we just click," Jess replied, despite Simon having a longtime girlfriend, Georgia.
"Thank you for making me smile and laugh all the time. Love you Simon."

MasterChef's resident tough guy ... Jock!

Making a name for himself under tough as guts cooks like Marco Pierre White has certainly instilled MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo with a sense of sternness.
But some fans have grown concerned over the father-of-four's "mean" approach on the show.
"Why does Jock always challenge the cooks with negative comments?" pondered one fan.
"I've noticed that, he doesn't offer nice advice, he is quite blunt and off hand 
at some times," wrote another.
While the Orana restaurant owner, 43, is certainly hard on the contestants, most fans agree that it's Jock's superior skills and expert talent that have forced him to be this season's resident tough guy. "
His hospitality background has made Jock a tough cookie. Image: Channel Ten
"If you had anything to do with chefs… you should know it's what they do," wrote a viewer, who insisted his manner is likely thanks to his hospitality background.
Last week, recently eliminated contestant Simon Toohey confirmed that Jock was the most intimidating judge.
"He either loves it or he looks at you going, 'You're an idiot,' and he's absolutely right – the guy has so many years of experience. You can't argue with someone with that level of knowledge," Simon said.
He isn't afraid to call it like he sees it. Image: Channel Ten

already won!

After 11 seasons of the hit series, fans could be forgiven for forgetting about a few contestants or key moments in the show's history.
But they were up in arms last week when social media was reminded of the fact that returning cook Callum Hann, 30, has in fact already won an All-Stars season of MasterChef!
Back in 2012, the co-founder of Sprout Cooking School beat the likes of series favourites Marion Grasby and Justine Schofield to take out the top spot on the special edition season.
Callum took out first place in the 2012 All-Stars Season. Image: Instagram
Ten, who didn't credit Callum's 2012 win in his official show biography upon his 2020 return on Back To Win, has mostly ignored the season since it aired.
Strangely, a pre-season promotional ad included Callum saying he was back for "unfinished business" after placing second 
in 2010's season two, omitting any mention of his repeated 
TV appearances.
Recently, season two winner Adam Liaw, 41, took to Twitter to vent, pointing out that Callum's win being ignored 
is a "slap in the face" to him.
Fans were up in arms over Callum's unacknowledged win. Image: Channel Ten

Ben's out of hiding

Embattled MasterChef 
star Ben Ungermann has been snapped in public for the first time since being removed from the popular cooking show, following an arrest for an alleged sexual assault – claims he intends to fight.
Ben appeared to be deep in thought as he returned 
to work as head chef at Tommy Smith Cafe at Queensland's Woodlands 
of Marburg resort last week.
The former contestant hadn't been seen for outside his house for two weeks. Image: Instagram
Prior to this, the former MasterChef contestant 
hasn't been seen outside of his house in more than two weeks.
The 36-year-old cook was dropped at work by his manager, who has also been running errands for him, including buying beer and visiting local pharmacies.
MasterChef fans were shocked when they learned Ben had been charged with two counts of sexual assault following an alleged incident that involved 
a 16-year-old girl in Melbourne's Docklands on February 23.
WATCH BELOW: The MasterChef contestants learn of Ben's axing from the show. Story continues after video.

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