Tommy Pham pays tribute to Julie Goodwin and their bond after her shock elimination

''Someone I would call family.''

By Faye Couros
Julie Goodwin lost her spot in the MasterChef kitchen last night after serving a burnt Whisky Toffee Pudding.
For fans of the season one winner, it was a total thrill to see her reach the top five, and her former co-star Tommy Pham has put our thoughts into words in a heartwarming tribute.
The father-of-two posted a picture of Julie at his son's birthday and shots from their time on the show.
In his caption, he wrote, "If you told me 13 years ago that @_juliegoodwin would be someone I would call family, I'd smile and slowly walk away from you 😂 !"
Julie attended Tommy's son's birthday. (Image: Instagram)
He then expressed how wonderful Julie is and all she means to him and his adorable son Miles, with whom she shares a connection, and he affectionately calls her "uncle Julie."
"Julie is literally the kindest and most wonderful person I've ever met period. Julie always felt like my home away from home and made me feel like family from day dot.
"Julie I hope you know you've still got it and that coming back to @masterchefau reinvigorated your love for food and life. Miles misses you and talks about "uncle Julie" all the time, I can't wait for him to see you again ❤️," he penned.
In his comments section, Julie expressed her gratitude and love for Tommy by writing, "Thank you Tommy. Love those little boys and you too. 💜."
It's clear Julie's castmates adore her. (Image: Instagram)
Former contestant Michael Weldon also paid tribute to Julie after her exit.
Taking to his Instagram Stories, he posted a video from her final cook and wrote, "There will only ever be 1 OG!!! Thank you @_juliegoodwin there is no @mastercehfau without you!"
Harry Tomlinson also posted a selfie with Julie from their time on the show with a red heart over their heads.
While it was sad to see Julie go during her exit chat with Ten Play, she revealed coming back was worth it.
"It was a big decision to come back, but I will never regret saying yes." (Image: Instagram)
"It was a big decision to come back, but I will never regret saying yes. We talk about the MasterChef family, and I was there in the first generation… it feels appropriate to be handing it over to a new generation, so I feel proud to be able to do that. I'm not disappointed whatsoever, it feels right," she shared.
Fans of the show can prepare for Fans and Favorites' grand finale that will air on Tuesday, July 12 at 7:30 on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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