EXCLUSIVE: MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo's anguish at being separated from his pregnant wife during lockdown

''I've never been happier to see everybody than when we got to reunite.''

By Amber Giles
He may be the judge fans have dubbed the "silver fox" and "hot Jockolate" but for MasterChef Australia's Jock Zonfrillo, the name he's especially craving right now is "grandad!"
Jock, 43, tells TV WEEK, "I cannot wait for grandkids, honestly," he says.
"I think once you become a parent and see that relationship between your child and your parents, you start to think, 'How beautiful would it be if, one day, I can have my grandkids come around'."
It seems this judge's broodiness is in overdrive – he's currently expecting his fourth child!
The Scottish chef is dad to Ava, 19, and Sophia, 14, from previous relationships, as well as two-year-old son Alfie with third wife Lauren Fried. The new baby is due in September.
"I'm dad to a range of kids for sure, but I'm already thinking about being a nonno ["grandfather" in Italian]," he says.
"I'm looking forward to having Ava and Sophia and their kids around the table for a bowl of pasta.
"I know it might be weird, given I'm not even quite into my mid-forties. But it's definitely something I think about."
Lauren is Jock's third wife. He's been open about the impact his previous drug addiction had on his first two marriages. Image: Instagram
Jock and his wife pictured on their wedding day. Image:
Jock also admits that fatherhood is incredibly important to him.
"I always wanted to be a dad," he says. "It's a way of life. I couldn't imagine life without kids."
The thought of jumping back into changing nappies and sleepless nights again soon doesn't faze Jock either.
"Sure, the first 12 months are hard when there's no verbal communication, but the more kids I had, the more I enjoyed it!" he says.
Jock's wife, who is currently expecting the couple's second child together, playing with their son. Image: Instagram
Jock and his son Andy enjoying some father-son snuggles in the park. Image: Instagram
However, this pregnancy has been particularly tough for Jock and Lauren.
"We had to spend five weeks apart because I was in Melbourne filming MasterChef and she and the kids isolated at our place in Adelaide because it has acreage," Jock explains.
"I've never been away from my wife for more than a night. I've never been happier to see everybody than when we got to reunite recently."
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