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Married At First Sight 2022 bride Selina Chhaur has already appeared on another reality TV show

She said YES (twice).

By Tina Burke
You know what's fun about reality TV? Aside from the intoxicating shock and awe dynamics, it's also a place where you can regularly spot a familiar face that you just can't quite place. Like a fun guessing game of Cluedo, except instead of a murder mystery it's just people you kind of recognise.
More often than not, you might struggle to pin down how exactly you know this random reality human. But in the case of Married At First Sight Australia's Selina Chhaur, the answer is deliciously obvious.
While the new MAFS cast list has introduced us to several somewhat familiar faces in the form of influencers, Selina might be a bit more recognisable to fans of reality TV.
Selina – who has been tipped as the "breakout star" of the upcoming season – has already graced our screens on another show. She appeared on Channel Seven's dating series The Proposal in 2019.
Selina appeared on Channel Seven's dating series The Proposal in 2019. (Seven)
Kind of like a MAFS lite, The Proposal was a short-lived reality series that saw a single bachelor or bachelorette matched up with potential partners in a game-show style program.
The hidden suitor had the chance to speak with 10 contestants over the course of the hour and at the end would pick one person, dropping down on one knee to "propose."
When Selina appeared on the show, she was proposed to by Aaron Shaw. Another Aussie reality TV fiend who you might recognise from Love Island Australia, which he appeared on in 2019 after The Proposal.
When Selina appeared on the show, she was proposed to by Aaron Shaw. (Instagram)
Clearly, things didn't work out for Selina and Aaron. Following the end of their episode, she released a 13 minute YouTube clip explaining what happened after Aaron dropped down on one knee.
"After the cameras and the lights and the glitz and glam was gone, the next day it was Aaron and I," Selina said in the video.
"We really got to know each other on a whole other level and we both just instantly knew that it was a friendship connection and that was all it was."
Three years later and Selina is set to appear on our screens again, this time for much longer and on a much grander scale. A "millions of viewers" kind of scale.
The 32-year-old hairdresser is putting her love life in the hands of the experts on MAFS this season, looking for someone who sees her true value.
Selina says she's struggled to find a connection with the men she dates, with them often seeing her as a "novelty" rather than a "smart woman with ambition."
Here's hoping she finds her Mr. Right the second time around!
This article originally appeared on our sister site WHO.

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