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Married At First Sight's Alana Lister was dumped by Jason Engler after she called him out for "not acceptable behaviour"

"She called him out for his “homophobic bulls**t”.

By Now To Love Team
A new source claims that Married At First Sight 2021 groom Jason Engler dumped his bride-to-be Alana Lister over text because of her reaction to that offensive viral video of him about Liam, and quite frankly, it's the immaturity to be accountable for his own actions for me.
In case you missed it, at the last MAFS dinner party on Wednesday's night, it was revealed that couple Jason and Alana had split and that it was Jason's doing. And, according to Aussie reality TV social media watchdog, So Dramatic podcast, the real reason behind the decision is pretty childish.
"The reason Jason dumped Alana via text after the final vows was because she called him out for his "homophobic bulls**t" and told him she didn't agree with the video he made about Liam and it was not acceptable behaviour!"
Alana and Jason have called it quits but maybe for the best. Instagram
The allegations come after fellow Married At First Sight 2021 groom Liam Cooper, who was the victim of Jason's homophobic and body-shaming rant, called out the show for editing out a conversation they had about the video.
At the MAFS final dinner party on Wednesday, fans were a bit confused when Liam, 29, seemingly chose to completely ignore his on-screen wife-to-be and fellow contestant after a viral video emerged of Jason, 35 - accompanied by background laughs from Georgia, 25, and Johnny Balbuziente, 30 - mocking Liam with homophobic and body-shaming language.
Liam, who identifies as bisexual, was called a "full-blown homosexual" in the video, as well as a "110% wanker," "ugly, fat and chubby." But really, the only thing ugly was the behaviour exhibited in the clip, which hampered back to a real problem the bisexual community faces from both straight and LGBTQIA+ people who don't understand bisexuality.
In response to the video, Jason told the Daily Mail, "I would like to sincerely apologise for my comments in regards to a fellow MAFS participant's sexuality."
"After a few too many drinks I made some inappropriate remarks that I am ashamed of and greatly regret. I will learn from this and try to become a better person from this experience."
Liam and Georgia haven't had the easiest run on the show. Instagram
So, on Wednesday night, fans were expecting to see a conversation about the video - and if we were lucky, an apology - but were met with nothing of the sort. Instead, Liam "ignored" his bride and fellow grooms and was painted as the villain.
But, in a video shared on his Snapchat after the episode, not only is this fair from the truth but Liam had an entire confrontation that night about what happened but it was strangely removed.
"Tonight, at the very start of the dinner party, we all went to town," Liam revealed. "I questioned Jason about the video. I pulled Georgia up on the video."
According to the first male bisexual contestant on Australian reality TV, "Jason just sat there with a f*ing smug look on his face and didn't even want to talk about it."
"Georgia sat there and said she was sorry, and then I said, "no, you're only sorry because you've only been caught out," and then everyone else jumped in and we talked about it."
"To literally sit there and edit this out, and make me look like I just went in there and ignored Georgia for s**ts and gigs is purely disgusting."
"I explained the video and now you guys are not coming out with this video? Poor form, mate."
And, it seems, Liam isn't the only one who's experienced editing frustrations from the producers rewriting the past and unfairly giving them a villain edit, all while ignoring other contestants' poor behaviour.
Carly has spoken out about her apparently unfair edit. Instagram
Season five fan favourite Carly Bowyer chimed in in the comments on a post by So Dramatic podcast of the video, revealing that she, too, experienced things that didn't make the edit.
"During my season, my husband cracked onto another wife at a dinner party in week two," she said. "We had a massive fight at the dinner party, we moved to separate rooms, and I said leave because of it at the next commitment ceremony."
"Literally none of it made it to the edit. They do whatever they want to suit their narrative."
In reality TV, it's normal for not everything to pass the cutting room floor. But, we have to wonder: if this is true, why did MAFS' producers edit out an important conversation that Australians needed to have, especially after fans criticised the show for how massively it dropped the ball on how it treated Liam's bisexuality.
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