Married At First Sight

Take our Married At First Sight quiz and see just HOW big a fan you are!

Consider yourself the ultimate MAFS super-fan? Let’s just see about that ...

By NW team
So, you think you're a huge Married At First Sight fan, do you?
Are you embarrassingly familiar with every single petty fight, sneaky partner swap and disastrous wine-throwing incident?
Do you block out all weeknight social commitments for those three months at the beginning of the year ("I'm sick!" ... cough), so you can plonk yourself on the couch and stay up to date with every single episode?
Do you follow all the contestants (past and present) on Instagram, waiting with baited breath for them to break their contracts and spill all the juicy, behind-the-scenes drama?
Then boy, have we got a treat for you.
From Cyrell's crazy eyes, to Sarah Rosa's incredible makeup, and Martha's dab-hand with a glass of red wine ... MAFS has it all. (Images: Nine Network)
We've created the ultimate MAFS quiz for totally obsessed fans of Channel Nine's crazy AF, but oh-so-addictive, reality show.
It'll test just how much you know about every single detail from the past two seasons - and get you excited for the premiere of the brand new season on Monday February 3.
So keep on scrolling to take NW's quiz and find out just how much of your life you've squandered away watching this gloriously horrendous show...
WATCH BELOW: Why MAFS 2020 is going to be bigger and better than ever. Story continues after video.

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