Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Mishel confesses she gained 13kg while filming the show

And she wasn't the only one.

By Alex Lilly
Numerous Married At First Sight contestants have spoken about how the show has negatively impacted their mental health.
But one of this season's brides Mishel has confessed that the reality dating show also took a toll on her physical health, after revealing via Instagram that she gained 13kg during filming.
Mishel has revealed she gained 13kg during her time on MAFS. (Image: Instagram @mishel_meshes)
In her post, Mishel shared a split screen image of herself - one photo from August 2019 when filming began and the other from Janaury 2020 when the reunion was filmed.
Ahead of her 50th birthday in December, Mishel explained that one of her "first and biggest projects" is "losing the extra MESH I gained in 2019."
"It is quite obvious that during filming @mafs I gained a bit of extra 'Mishel' to love. An extra 13kgs of MESH!" she wrote.
"I have been a curvy woman, ever since I started trying to have my babies. It was during that time my body started to change, change to a more voluptuous figure. It took me some time to get used to my new shape and start to embrace my curves; but I did it with age, confidence and positive affirmations."
Mishel and on-screen husband Steve had more ups and downs than we dare to count. (Image: Nine Network)
The mum-of-two explained that she weighs the same amount as when she was pregnant with daughter Eva, adding that it wasn't a weight she expected to be after "getting married" or turning 50.
"Even though I believe curves are cool I just don't feel as healthy and fit as I did before I entered the experiment, so... it is my challenge to fit back into my 'Hen's Night' little black Bec and Bridge dress. I hope that you share my journey with me," she finished.
Mishel's former MAFS co-stars Mikey Pembroke and Natasha Spencer were quick to lend their support, and Hayley Vernon even confessed she'd put on a few kilos during her time on the show.
"I gained 7kgs! Ughhh that show. I have no doubt that you will win your butt back into line. However you're a milf no matter what size."
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Mishel also suffered financial hardship as a result of starring the show.
According to a report from Woman's Day, the Brisbane-based teacher found herself $7,000 out of pocket after she was forced to undergo surgery for her severely injured knee, the result of a fall during her on-screen New Zealand honeymoon.
"She's had a hard time getting production to reimburse her the bills despite the fact it happened on set," a source told the publication, referring to Mishel tearing her meniscus during a skiing accident.
Mishel was reportedly not able to work and was forced to use all her holiday leave from work on obligatory press commitments and recovery, even having to convince Suncorp bank to allow her to freeze her mortgage repayments for a month.