Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Natasha reveals the behind-the-scenes secrets from the reunion

''I think it’s actually really disappointing.''

By Alex Lilly
Married At First Sight has finally come to an end after yet another explosive season. But it appears there was more to the reunion than we saw at home.
Natasha Spencer, who was partnered with Mikey Pembroke, has revealed that tensions were running high behind the scenes and despite all the former contestants returning for the final episode, they were not given their time to shine.
Natasha says not everyone was allowed to speak at the reunion. (Nine Network)
"I think it's actually really disappointing, there's a lot of things that people wanted to say to each other," Natasha, 26, tells Now To Love.
"Like Cathy and Josh didn't get on the couch but Tash and Amanda did and Cathy and Josh stayed so close to the end. Everyone wants to have their final say and watch their highlights."
Natasha also addressed fellow bride Poppy Jennings, who left the experiment just a week in after things went bad with her on-screen groom, Luke Eglin, and how she behaved at the finale.
"I was sitting in front of Poppy who was made to sit next to Luke and every time I turned around and looked at her she was shaking and crying and for me that's just f—ing repulsive," she said.
Natasha says Poppy was "shaking and crying" at the reunion. (Image: Nine Network)
Natasha also revealed that there was a reason behind former couple Amanda and Tash's frosty greeting at the reunion dinner party.
"Amanda and I made up at the reunion, she came into the girls' reunion and someone said 'Where's Tash' and she said 'Drunk in a gutter somewhere,' and then they cut that and that's why Tash was so cold to her at the reunion," she explains.
"I had a chat to Amanda over at the window and said 'I don't think you're appropriate for doing mimicking videos of Tash and your comment at the dinner party wasn't appropriate' so that was disappointing as well."
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In a previous chat with Now To Love, Natasha admitted that after the explosive reunion dinner party, she and her fellow cast mates had enough of the drama and left before midnight - a rarity seeing as the dinner parties don't tend to end until two or three in the morning!
"We left the dinner party before midnight which I don't think has ever happened in MAFS history," Natasha revealed.
"I don't think production even told us to, one of the cast members, I think it might have been Chris or Josh was like 'Well that'll do us for tonight, let's get out of here.' We were done!"