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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS brides at war! Jules Robinson attacks Natasha Spencer over treatment of Mikey Pembroke

The usually demure former Married At First Sight bride Jules Robinson has slammed Natasha Spencer over her treatment of husband Mikey Pembroke.

By Woman's Day team
Despite her wholesome appearance, Jules Robinson's former co-stars were quick to brand her a "bully" when the show ended last year.
And in a shock twist, Woman's Day can reveal it's not just former MAFS brides who have 37-year-old Jules' offside!
According to a party guest at The VIP Sydney's New Year's Eve Party, the reality star was slagging off Natasha Spencer, 26, to anyone who would listen.
"She had some choice words to say about her… she let everyone know she thought she was trouble, that's for sure!" says the guest.
"Her and Cam were quick to take sides about Mikey and Natasha's fallout.
Jules made it very clear she thought Natasha was a difficult sort and that she left Mikey high and dry."
The usually demure former MAFS star (above) slammed Natasha (below) at an event recently. Image: Channel Nine
It's believed Mikey and Jules' husband Cam Merchant have grown increasingly close over the past few months.
"They have a lot of mutual friends and are both from the same area," adds the source.
WATCH: Mikey Pembroke loses it after wife Natasha Spencer "sex-shames" him on Married At First Sight. Story continues below...

Alek's heartbreak: Ivan's secret phone calls!

On the surface, Aleks Markvoic and Ivan Sarakulaare shaping up to be one of the season's most promising couples.
But after Woman's Day revealed the lovebirds had been rocked by a pregnancy scare, an onset spy says Aleks has unearthed a bombshell secret about her husband!
"He was on FaceTime to another girl all throughout filming!" dishes a source. "At all hours of the day he was caught up with this close female friend – it's why he was so obsessed with his phone."
According to the source, the Sydney-based real estate agent all but ignored Aleks during their personal downtime.
What's more, the female friend wasn't the only girl Ivan was contacting behind Aleks' back.
Our source says Aleks was devastated to learn he had been previously sleeping in the same bed with a girl back home and had even seen her naked.
Tensions are said to have heightened when Aleks, 32, was contacted by Ivan's secret former flame, who branded Aleks a "nutcase", before claiming that Ivan, 30, wished he was dating her, not Aleks.
Aleks was shocked to find out that Ivan had been texting his ex-girlfriend while they were filming! Image: BMX
"Don't forget, this is what Ivan wanted. You're fighting a losing battle, Aleks, I will continue to support Ivan.
"You are so ridiculously threatened of me," the friend wrote in a series of explosive texts to Aleks.
"I will continue to support Ivan. You can continue to live a life [full of] jealousy and insecurity," she sprayed.
But when a devastated Aleks – who was desperate to leave the show – took the information to the show's production team and begged them to include Ivan's flirty behaviour in filming, they refused and encouraged them to remain united for the sake of their "romantic narrative".
Interestingly, the couple are rumoured to be staging something of a "showmance". Last week, a friend of the duo insisted they were both on the show to boost their profiles.
"I don't think they'll last much longer. They're doing what ever they can to boost their profiles," says the friend.

Mishel's secret police cover up!

The experiment has seen mother-of-two Mishel Karen injured, heartbroken and sexually frustrated, but nothing has caused the 49-year-old as much anguish as her secret double life!
Speaking to Woman's Day, the bride reveals she feels like she has been forced to live a lie as she was encouraged to cover up her employment with Queensland Police Service!
"I am a qualified teacher [as the show suggests], but I am currently the policy trainer for new Queensland police," says Mishel.
"I never wanted to deceive the public, but my work asked me not to reveal it."
The mother-of-two reveals to Woman's Day that she was forced to cover up the fact that she worked as a policewoman! Image: Channel Nine

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