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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS' Josh says appearing in a country music video was the most spontaneous thing he's ever done

''It looked like a scene out of Brokeback Mountain!''

By Alex Lilly
Turns out Drew isn't the only Married At First Sight contestant from the current season who's starred in a music video!
An unearthed clip of 28-year-old MAFS groom Josh Pihlak starring in country music singer Kathy Coleman's music video for her song Hot & Bothered has emerged, and not only can you watch a clip in the player above, but Josh has opened up exclusively to Now To Love about the whole experience.
A fresh-faced Josh appeared with his brother Beau in a country music video. (Images: Nine Network/YouTube)
Josh was just 20 years old when he and his brother Beau starred in the Hot & Bothered music video, in 2011.
During an exclusive Two Minute Speed Date video interview with Josh, the MAFS groom was asked about the most spontaneous thing he's ever done.
His response? "Agreed to be in a country music video."
"I thought 'This'll be pretty cool, the chicks'll love this' and it looked like a scene out of Brokeback Mountain!" he laughed.
Watch the full Two Minute Speed Date in the player below. Post continues after video...
In the full clip, Josh and Beau build a fence and go on to have a flirty water fight with a couple of girls dressed in cowboy hats.
A brief clip from the music video was also shared on fan account MAFS Funny, where Josh explained further why he took part in the video.
"Me and my bro helped out some family, they needed two blokes so we gave it a crack, pretty sure I got a 200 dollar Westfield voucher for doing this, felt like a millionaire," he commented on Instagram.
He also remarked that while it ended being a "cracker day", the music video "pops up every year" and his "mates have a field day."
We thought we recognised those tattoos! (Image: YouTube)
Earlier this week, Josh appeared in another jaw-dropping video of a very different nature.
The MAFS groom, who was partnered with bride Cathy Evans in the Channel Nine experiment, took to Instagram to share a passionate video criticising Nine for how they edited his fights with his wife, and explained how his family have been receiving death threats.
"I just can't stress enough to people who are thinking about trying out for this show, as they're doing applications now, just have a good hard think, because when you sign that contract, any footage, any audio can be cut up and spliced however they choose," he said.
"As it says in the fine print, 'You may or may not be received in a positive light'," he added, referring to a common clause in reality TV contracts where producers inform participants that they could be edited in a negative light.
"Me being naive, I thought 'Why not? How could this possibly go wrong?' It's just so disappointing to see how they made that come across [and] how much they left out."
"I was happy with getting a bad edit, but when it gets personal like that and everyone's receiving death threats, it's a joke."
Josh has urged people thinking of applying for MAFS next season to "have a good hard think." (Image: Nine Network)

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