Love Island

Love Island's Grant Crapp says he still loves Tayla and denies having a secret girlfriend

The game of 'he said she said' continues.

By Holly Royce
Be careful or you could get whiplash with all the Love Island gossip flying around this morning.
Following yesterday's big news that Tayla had dumped her Love Island partner, Grant, and Eden's suggestions that Grant cheated his way to win Love Island, Grant has finally spoken out to put an end to the rumours.
Speaking to KIIS 1065 FM this morning, Grant told Kyle and Jackie O that he wants to win Tayla back.

Grant still loves Tayla

The 22-year-old reality TV star told KIIS 1065 FM that he was "heart broken" Tayla, 21, had called it quits.
"To be honest with you, it was more of a lover's tiff. I thought we could work things out. And then it went out [online] like that, and I was like, wow."
"In every relationship, you do have arguments, and we weren't perfect in way shape or form. We had a little argument, and it blew out, and now it's become this situation. It's broken my heart."
Grant maintained that his love for Tayla was very real and he would do anything to win her back.
"I love the girl deeply and I went through an amazing experience with her."
"It's just hard because I went on Love Island and I fell in love with Tayla, I still do love the girl."
"I will try my best to win her back."
He says the real question is does she still love him?
"She says she does," he said but his uncertainty was clear.
Just two weeks after they left the Love Island villa, sweethearts Grant and Tayla have ended their relationship.

Grant explains his "this is news to me" comment on Instagram

Grant put an end to rumours he found out about the couple's breakup on Instagram.
"We'd had a conversation, but it was news to me that it was posted online," he clarified this morning.
"I kind of knew that it was going to happen, I just never expected it to be on Instagram so quickly."
He estimated that it took only 24 hours for the news to be shared online.

Grant denies having a secret girlfriend while appearing on Love Island

"I wasn't in a relationship at all with the other girl and I went on the show and fell in love with Tayla," Grant said putting an end to the idea that he cheated his way to win Love Island.
Grant also confirmed there was "no way" he would get back with his ex-girlfriend.
Grab some pop corn, it looks like this one will keep unfolding for a while yet.

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