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Who is Love Island's born-again Christian, Cartier Surjan? Everything we know here

“This show would be a God-given blessing.”

By Alex Lilly
This year's Love Island contestants sure are a sexy bunch, but there's one lady looking for love who certainly stood out from the others.
19 year-old Cartier is a gorgeous lifeguard and receptionist from Sydney but there's something that sets her apart from her fellow islanders- she's a born-again Christian who has some very traditional values.
"The woman's role in their relationship is to take care of their man," the 19 year-old says in one of the many Love Island trailers.
"To cook for them, clean for them," she adds. "I do like the feeling of looking after my man and taking care of them."
And to make matters even more interesting, Cartier says she's already in love...with Jesus.

Despite being in love with Jesus, Cartier admits there's "room for someone else" and she definitely has a type.
"I'm looking for a family man, a real sweetheart, but someone who is also sexy and rugged," she says, adding that dating in the real world can be a tough gig and Love Island is an exciting chance to fall in love.
"Basically, in an outside setting you don't know a guy's intentions. Therefore, I'm not likely to open up to them and give them a chance. More than often, guys just want a one-night stand, but I'm not really open to that."
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Cartier's Christian faith is obviously very important to her and she says that since becoming Christian, Jesus has changed the way she views things and the way she treats others.
"With a partner, I just want him to respect my beliefs, not put any doubt, any pressure," she explains.
"On the outside it would be nice if he could come to church with me and meet my church friends. I think I will show something different. I will show them me, I'm not going to hide anything."
Cartier regularly attends bible study and church. (Image: Instagram @cartiersurjan)
Speaking to 9Entertainment, Cartier revealed she turned to God when she was being bullied in high school.
"I was in a group of five girls and slowly they started pushing me away. If I started talking they would turn their back and walk away. I ended up sitting by myself at the lunches," she explained.
Judging by her Instagram, Cartier loves spending her time at the beach, hiking, and spending time with her adorable pooches.
Bikini babe alert! (Image: Instagram @cartiersurjan)
The lifeguard looks very at home on the beach. (Image: Instagram @cartiersurjan)
While she don't know much about her mum, Cartier's dad and brothers Justice and Raven often pop up on her Instagram account.
In a recent dad/daughter snap, the Love Island contestant simply captioned it: "HONESTLY ! Dad I love you."
Cartier is a daddy's girl! (Image: Instagram @cartiersurjan)
So will Cartier be bringing the drama on the show?
"If the confrontation is personal I get angry and will bark back standing my ground. Although in saying that, if it is immature I will ignore it and let them look like the idiots, but then I'll start clapping saying they are doing great and to keep going on with their useless rant. It all depends on my level of sarcasm that day," she admits.
Bring on the drama! (Image: Instagram @cartiersurjan)

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