Love Island

Is this proof? More claims Love Island's Eden Dally has a secret girlfriend!

This is not looking good for Eden and Erin!

By Bettina Tyrrell
Just yesterday Now to Love reported on shock claims that Love Island 'singles' Eden Dally and Grant Crapp have girlfriends in the outside world. And while our hopeless-romantic hearts had hoped the rumours were nothing more than a bit of online nonsense, it appears that for Eden, there might be a little more to this story.
Phoning in to The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday, a caller made sensational claims that support the image that popped up online this week of Eden with another woman, who is allegedly his real-world girlfriend.
Eden appears smitten with Erin on the show! Is love all but dead?
Love Island Facebook fan account, Love Island Memes, posted a picture of Eden with his arm around an Erin look-a-like as he plants a kiss on her cheek.
The post claims the picture was shared to Eden's personal Instagram Story in March, prior to when filming of the dating show began.
Upon seeing this image surface online, Alashana Stead called into The Kyle and Jackie O Show claiming to be the best friend of makeup artist, Stephanie Lea, the woman she claims is in the picture.
"Eden didn't actually tell Stephanie he was going on Love Island until the Wednesday before filming. He left for the Island on the Friday," Stead claimed.
Stead told the radio show that Stephanie became suspicious of Eden after he told her "he was going on a trip to America with the boys".
Stephanie soon realised her gut-feeling was correct after Eden confessed he was going on the dating show.
Stephanie allegedly told Eden: "You know what? It's a good opportunity for you, so if you want to do that, then you do that."
"She didn't leave it on bad terms," Stead said.
A radio caller claims to be best friend's of Stephanie Lea, the woman pictured in the photograph with Eden.
When asked how Stephanie felt after seeing her Eden having sex and falling in love with Erin on national television, Stead revealed her friend wasn't been watching it.
"But people tell her things and it's not an easy thing to hear," she added.

Meanwhile, in the villa Eden and Erin have been making long-term plans and are even talking about kids!
The couple are even tipped to win the show making the shock claims Eden has a girlfriend all the more heartbreaking.