Love Island

Love Island Australia 2018: Who will win?

It's down to the pointy end of the reality TV show, so just who will walk home with the oversized cheque and inevitable Instagram sponsorships?

By Bella Brennan
Time flies when you live your life through the seasons of reality TV.
It feels like a hot second ago the nation was debating the ins and outs of all the incestuous partner swapping on Married At First Sight.
Then came Bachelor in Paradise and that rom-com ending with Sam Crochane dropping a knee and proposing to Tara Pavlovic (RIP).
And now here we are at the tail-end of another juicy instalment of small screen gold as the sun sets on the first-ever season of Love Island Australia.
In the ultimate twist, one person from the winning couple will be given the chance to share the money with their new squeeze, OR walk away with the entire loot and thus unveiling what their true intentions were all along - love or money?
According to, the odds are looking likely to favour a happy ending where the couple choose to split the $50, 000 prize money.
"Viewers will be hoping the final couple both choose love and that's where all the money has gone to date,"'s Will Byrne tells Now To Love.
For a full breakdown of who could win Love Island Australia, keep reading!
Love Island Australia 2018: Who will win?

Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir

The controversial couple have ruffled their fair share of feathers since their headline-making hook-up.
When Grant ditched Cassidy for Tayla at the start of the season, the pair's popularity plummeted with their co-stars and audience alike.
But after Cass' true colours were revealed and she spitefully coupled up with Grant to mess with them, the tables quickly turned and viewers found themselves sympathising with Grant and Tayla.
Grant admits he's not the sharpest muscle in the villa but we reckon he nailed it when he composed this surprisingly sweet poem for his girl.
"To Tayla, I hope you enjoy this breakfast in bed. I really do mean everything that I've said. Thee words, seven letters when I say it. It's true, because Tayla baby I do love you!"
Mr and Mrs Crapp? They're the bookies' new fave couple.
But do they have what it takes to take home the cash cheque of $50K? And more importantly, will they share the money?
Grant and Tayla's biggest threat are not only the other long-standing couple in the villa, Eden and Erin, but their underlying tension over Tayla's frustration with Grant struggling to understand and be intuitive of her feelings.
According to the bookies, their chances are looking pretty damn good!
Sportsbet have the couple in the top spot to win with $1.60 odds.
WATCH: Grant Crapp tries to write a love letter to Tayla Damir on Love Island. Post continues...

Erin Barnett and Eden Dally

It's a tale as old as time. Nurse meets prison guard on a reality TV show and they fall madly in love.
Indeed, it's the whirlwind romance that has underpinned the entire season of Love Island and let's face it, the show would be pretty dull without Erin's sassy commentary and devious melding.
These two have fallen hard and were the clear front-runners to be crowned the King and Queen of Love Island.
Just last week, Sportsbet had them in the top spot to win with Erin at $1.33 and Eden raking in $1.70 odds.
But after a week of vile blow-ups between the pair, their popularity has taken a battering.
The most recent stats reveal punters have Erin and Eden in third place with $6.00 odds.
Whatever happens, there's absolutely no doubt they'll share their prize money with each other if they win, and maybe even try to land their own spin-off show.
The ones to watch: Erin and Eden have been firm favourites since the start but will their toxic dynamic be their undoing?

Josh Moss and Amelia Marni

They might be a new couple but Josh and Amelia should not be underestimated!
The lovable larrikin and wholesome girl next door combo is always a winning dynamic and there's still a chance these dark horses could pip Erin and Eden at the post.
Unlucky-in-love Josh had a rough start on the show and for a while, it looked like he just couldn't catch a break.
Last minute lovers Josh and Amelia have a devoted fan base.
Who could forget when Cass gave him the flick the second Dom walked through the villa doors? And to make matters worse, poor Josh had plans to pop the question to Cassidy!
But then the fate gods did Josh a solid in the shape of bubbly intruder Amelia Marni.
Their last minute romance has felt organic and genuine and fans can't get enough of these love birds.
Sportsbet currently have Josh as their second favourite male to win at $4.00.
WATCH: Josh and Amelia share a romantic smooch. Post continues...

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