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Love Island Australia’s Erin Barnett reveals: "I can't have kids"

The blonde bombshell opens up about the devastating secret she’s been keeping from her partner Eden.

By NW team
They've been the Love Island power couple since day one, but NW can reveal that Erin Barnett has been keeping a secret from Eden Dally that could shake their blossoming relationship.
While the trainee nurse has been pretty upfront with her prison guard partner about her feelings, Erin's yet to open up to her new boo about the fact she can't have kids.
Erin reveals the healthy issues that could impact future pregnancies.
Indeed, the couple have already been making good use of the villa's hideaway, but it turns out baby making won't be an easy task for them in the future.
"Apparently I've got a small pelvic area and it means I can't give birth naturally. It's really small," Erin, 22, admits to NW.
"I've got a really small vagina!"
Erin and her island beau, Eden are smitten!
Despite other options to deliver children, Erin confesses that she's resistant. "I've got a tattoo on my stomach!" she points out.
"I don't want a caesarean – I'd be like, 'Can you cut [above it]?' We're in a bit of a pickle here."
This doesn't mean kids are out of the question for Erin and Eden, though!

The Melbourne-based beauty, admits she's keen to look into adoption! She just has one rule: girls only!
"I'd love to have kids, but I only want girls. I want to train my girls how to f**k boys over," she reveals.
"I don't want boys. I don't know what it is, I just don't want boys... If I have a boy, I'm going to be like 'I hate you!'"
Erin reveals if she were to adopt children, she only wants girls.
Considering how well the pair are getting along, though, we reckon Eden, 25, will stick by his girl when she opens up about her situation.
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