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Did the winners of Lego Masters 2022 just leak? See the hint that has fans convinced they know which team wins

It looks like we already know who takes home the trophy!

By Maddison Leach
The Lego Masters 2022 finale is almost here, but it looks like the winning team has already been revealed after fans spotted a very telling clue online.
With five teams still in the running by the start of the semi-finals, it was clear season four would be giving fans one of the tightest final competitions yet.
Joss and Henry and Nick and Gene were clear frontrunners, while Kristi and Daniel and Alex and Caleb had become the show's dark horses.
Meanwhile the only all-girl team, Lexi and Rachael, were holding on despite some tension between the two Lego fanatics.
WATCH: Lego storage hacks from Ryan 'The BrickMan' McNaught. Story continues after video.
It seemed like anyone could take out the Lego Masters title, until a huge hint revealed which team were (probably) going to take out the top spot.
Sportsbet have been sharing reality TV betting odds for years and have managed to predict an uncanny number of show winners, from The Bachelor to SAS Australia, sparking theories that the site is told who will win ahead of time.
And as husbands Paul and Trent were eliminated in the third last episode, the site updated its odds to reveal which team will win.
So who stands to become the next Lego Masters champions? According to Sportsbet, it's fan favourites Joss and Henry.
Will Joss and Henry take home the trophy? (Image: Nine)
The brothers are known for their epic monster and animal builds, creating everything from a terrifying deep sea creature to a colourful chameleon that walked a tightrope high above the ground.
Though they haven't won the most challenges - Gene and Nick have that title - the brothers have been clear frontrunners from day one.
Sportsbet currently lists their odds of winning at $1.42, with Nick and Gene as their biggest competition at $3 odds.
The best mates held an unprecedentad streak of challenge wins this season, impressing Ryan 'The BrickMan' McNaught and the fans at home, so it would be no surprise for them to place high in the finale.
Could dark horse team Kristi and Daniel place higher than expected? (Image: Nine)
As for the rest of the teams, it looks like Alex and Caleb will come in third with $8.50 odds, while Lexi and Rachael's $11 odds put them in fourth place.
Daniel and Kristi will bring up the rear in fifth place on odds of $13, but fans aren't convinced Sportsbet has those choices right.
Over on Twitter, Lego Masters viewers insist that Daniel and Kristi will beat Lexi and Rachael and possibly even Alex and Caleb to place higher in the final challenges.
But are the predictions correct? Has the show's winner been leaked accurately? We'll just have to keep watching to find out.
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