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Ready, set, brick! This year’s Lego Masters contestants are in it to win it

It's the biggest group yet!
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Lego Masters is back in 2022 and it’s the biggest group ever to venture into the colourful Brick Pit.

Hosted once again by Hamish Blake and judged by Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught, this year’s season sees eight pairs fighting for the chance to not only be crowned Lego Masters, but also take home $100,000 in prize money.

Straight off the bat, there’s a very special guest.

While she’s just wrapped up touring the country on her Bridge Over Troubled Dreams tour, Delta Goodrem is set to shake up the Brick Pit when she makes a surprise appearance this week!

Delta Goodrem makes a surprise appearance in the first week.

(Image: Nine)

The songstress, 37, will serve as a mystery guest on Wednesday night, where she will have to guess which song was the inspiration behind each team’s creation – without them saying a word!

The appearance comes after Delta made a cameo on The Block last year – leading many to speculate she may be headed for a return to fulltime TV work.

Keep scrolling to meet the 2022 LEGO Masters teams!

(Image: Nine)

Lego Masters 2022

Hamish Blake and Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught are back!

(Image: Nine)

Andrew and Crystal


After meeting 10 years ago through Andrew’s cosplay photography business, the friends have been proud Lego-loving adults and want their appearance on the show to normalise it.

“I feel there was a stigma behind adults who dabble in Lego, but Lego Masters and Brickman have normalised it,” says Andrew.

However, for content creator Crystal, she’s keen to get to know Hamish.

“I’ve grown up watching him on TV and kind of want to be best friends with him,” she laughs.

(Image: Nine)

Caleb and Alex

CALEB, 21, & ALEX, 25 NSW

Despite the $100,000 prize, Sydney-based makeup artist Alex says Lego Masters is all about the host!

“I’m most excited to meet Hamish [Blake], sorry Brickman, but I’ve grown up following Hamish and Andy. I’ve got a bit of a crush,” she says.

For her teammate Caleb, a law student, he just doesn’t want to disappoint his family.

“I want to make things that they find cool and can enjoy,” he says.

(Image: Nine)

Gene and Nick

GENE, 32, & NICK, 30 NSW

The best friends and video editors say their Lego Masters experience will be a “picnic” compared to the fast-paced world of video post-production, but they admit one of them will work harder than the other.

“I’ve already promised Gene a 70/30 split [of the prize money] because I assume he’ll be doing most of the emotional labour,” says Nick.

Adds Gene, “Nick’s got a lot of impish energy about him.”

(Image: Nine)

Joss and Henry

JOSS, 23, & HENRY, 20 NSW

For the Newcastle brothers, winning Lego Masters is all about setting themselves up for the future.

“My girlfriend and I recently got engaged, so my share would easily cover the wedding,” says Joss. That would leave the other half for Henry to “spend a lot of money increasing the size of my Lego collection”, he laughs!

(Image: Nine)

Kirsti and Daniel


For web developer Daniel, the prospect of entering the Lego den is bittersweet.

“Being away from my family and leaving my partner to look after our two kids is going to be hard,” he says. “The most I’ve ever been away from my kids has been a day or two!”

His teammate Kirsti, a support worker, cannot wait to get started, but fears not “staying true” to herself and her vision on the show.

(Image: Nine)

Rachael and Lexi

RACHAEL, 37, & LEXI, 33, NSW

While the two only met purely for the show, these girls have a lot in common – including a penchant for building huge Lego pieces! Rachael says she’s spent “approximately $12,000” on Lego, which included a 6000-piece Hogwarts set, while Lexi has dropped around $15,000 and says her biggest build so far is a 4000-piece Disney castle!

(Image: Nine)

Paul and Trent

PAUL, 50, & TRENT, 45 NSW

The fun-loving duo were the first Australian gay couple to get legally married in New Zealand before marriage equality laws were passed in Oz. Trent, a primary school teacher, and Paul, a veterinary surgeon, admit it’s going to be “a challenge to stay focused for the long builds” but if they win, they’re booking a “first class ticket to Europe”.

(Image: Nine)

Branko and Max

BRANKO, 48, & MAX, 17, NSW

Forget coffee, Sydney dad Branko’s expensive habit is Lego!

“I spend between $100 and $300 a month,” he admits. “It’s gotten to the point where storage

is the main constraint.”

His son Max however is a little more restrained.

“I’ve spent barely any money on Lego, as I could just leech off Dad,” he says, adding that he’d even save his half of the $100,000 prize money if they won!

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Hamish Blake announces the winner of the first Lego Masters challenge

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