Lego Masters

"Building bricks saved my life": Lego Masters' Tim was told he had three weeks to live after a brain tumour diagnosis

And how those tiny bricks made a HUGE difference.

By Woman's Day team
When high school sweethearts turned Lego Masters stars Tim and Dannii met at just 12 years old, they never envisioned a life as colourful or as testing as theirs.
For salesman Tim, Lego was a crucial aspect in his recovery, after the father-of-two was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014 that threatened to take his life in three weeks.
"At the age of 19, nobody really comprehends the fact their life could be over, " says the 25-year-old, who is legally blind in one eye.
Tim almost lost his life to a brain tumour. Image: Supplied
At the top of Tim's bucket list back then was building a giant Lego castle, after spending years collecting sets he never got a chance to use.
"My family found some Lego at a car boot sale and sat with me for hours as I built a Lego castle with them," he says.
Thankfully, Tim's health crisis is now firmly in the past, but he and Dannii face another challenge – taking out the Lego Masters title!
"We now spend our child-free time in the Lego room, just hanging out and fiddling with model concepts," says Dannii.

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