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The sass queen has spoken: Kerry Armstrong's not a fan of Kylie Minogue's singing

We're freaking spinning around.

By Chloe Lal
Danny Green, Anthony Mundine please take a seat because we have a new reigning champ when it comes to throwing punches in the jungle.
Jumping into the ring is 60-year-old Kerry Armstrong.
Earlier this week, we overheard Kerry talk about her personal wrong girl Nicole Kidman, admitting she's a bit of a diva.
Now, it appears the actress has beef with not only Nic but our very own golden girl Kylie Minogue.
And her comments, which have resurfaced from an old interview, are creating quite the locomotion.
We're loving how much dirt Kerry is spilling.
Kylie: Not a fan.
In a 2004 chat with the Sunday Mail, the SeaChange actress expressed her views on the pair.
"I truly believe with acting and singing those two have done more damage than anyone I've ever seen," Kerry fumed.
"I really do believe there is a correlation with the despair we're feeling and the fact Kylie Minogue cannot sing?" she mused.
Kerry continued, "Why has she become a national icon? For achieving something that was beyond her ability."
Don't worry Nicole - she hasn't forgotten about you!
Danny Green, Anthony Mundine - Kerry Armstrong "floats like a butterfly and she stings like a bee."
Nicole - not fussed.
"It's the same with Nicole," Kerry apparently remarked.
"The fact that Meryl Streep had to stand beside Nicole Kidman in The Hours. I just thought it was unbearable."
A year later, Kerry was asked about her rather candid interview.
Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald in 2005, she claimed said her words had been twisted and were "a complete misrepresentation."
Kerry is one of Australia's most respected starlets, acting in a range of critically acclaimed local projects like Lantana and SeaChange.
While she didn't crack Hollywood, Kerry came remarkably close.
The jungle is unveiling a very candid Kerry.
Based in the States during the early 80s, the mother-of-three acted in American hits like Dynasty and Murder, She Wrote.
She sadly turned down a role on Saturday Night Live - which produced the likes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Robin Williams and even auditioned for films with the likes of Meg Ryan and Sharon Stone.
But Kerry's most harrowing story about her professional clashes is the story of her first true love.
Confiding to Shannon Noll and Peter Rowsthorn, Kerry mused, "It is interesting because when you are in here you have lots of time to think and lots and lots of stuff is coming up."
Watch Kerry talk about her first marriage in the video below!
She explained that in 1981, when she 23, she married Australian Crawl guitarist Brad Robinson - but they separated so that she could pursue her Hollywood dreams.
"What happened in Hollywood is I kept getting pulled out of play after play after play and someone pulled Brad (Robinson) aside and said the only reason she can't work is because you are married and she needs to have a Green Card," she explained.
"And so there was a great deal of pressure on us to not stay married. We had a pact that we would do it for a certain amount of time and get back together. As it is in life, that didn't work out."
Brad Robinson was Kerry's first love.
In order to obtain a Green Card, Kerry married her friend American actor Alexander Bernstein - but her heart remained with Brad.
"I think everyone should hold on to their first great love and be grateful," she confessed.
Brad was just 38 when he passed away from cancer in 1996.
"Brad Robinson was my husband and the most spectacular man in the world," she reflect.
"Everybody that knew him will tell you that."
"I've got pictures of him smoking and I've just realised he was such a movie star. I think because we grew up together, I didn't realise, I knew he was beautiful but I didn't know how beautiful."
The actress broke down.
Tapping into her philosophical side, Kerry quipped, "I know there are no accidents because I have come out of it with these three absolutely gorgeous young men as sons."
Kerry has three boys, Sam Gudgeon, who she shares with her ex-husband writer/producer Mac Gudgeon and her twin boys Jai and Callum Croft, who she had with her third husband builder Mark Croft.
And we think the jungle has helped uncovered one of our nation's hidden treasures.
Here's to more amazing stories beside the campfire, Kerry!
Kerry with her three miracles - her sons!