I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Serious question: Why do Danny Green and Anthony Mundine hate each other?

Are you ready to understand Australia's most notorious rumble about to hit the jungle?

By Chloe Lal
On Sunday night Danny Green will be dropped into camp as the first intruder on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
And while the South African jungle may be home to some of the deadliest creatures, most dangerous mountains and treacherous terrains, but it doesn't really compare to the remarkable rivalry between current camp leader Anthony Mundine and his boxing nemesis, the Green Machine.
For months, we've predicted that the fiery duo will clash in the jungle and finally Channel Ten have delivered.
The highly-anticipated face-off is just around the river bend and to get you ready, we investigate the nature of their beef, in AND out of the ring!
Danny dropped by ahead of his debut on Sunday.

When did their feud begin?

The duo first began sparring with their comments in 2001, when Anthony decided to call Danny Green "a bum", after the pro-boxer dropped Mundine's name to garner attention.
For many moons, they exchanged verbal jabs.
Fast forward to May 2006, Justin Timberlake was bringing sexy back and Anthony Mundine and Danny Green finally put their money where their mouth was.
Danny Green and Anthony Mundine in their 2006 showdown.
The pair, both champion boxers at the time, met for a round of fisticuffs in the ring at the Sydney Football Stadium
They faced off in front of 30, 000 people and it was deemed "the most anticipated match in Australian boxing history."
Anthony Mundine won the twelve-round game and ignited a feud bigger than both of their egos combined.
Watch the historic moment Anthony won in the video below!

How many times have Anthony Mundine and Danny Green fought?

In the years to follow after that infamous 2006 fight, there was murmurs of a rematch.
For their part, both Anthony and Danny antogonised each other before finally giving the people what they wanted - another boxing match.
On 3 February 2017, Green and Mundine faced off once again, this time at Adelaide Oval.
You may have thought Mike Tyson biting someone's ear off was dramatic... That was nothing compared to the rematch of the century.
Granted, no body parts were lost, but boy were there some bloody moves.
The rematch was BRUTAL.
Speaking ahead of the grudge showdown, which was 10 years in the making, Danny confessed, "It has been a long time coming."
"We have had a hell of a rivalry. Choc is Choc, I'm me... and there are people who don't like Choc, and (people who) don't like me. And that is what makes this fight exciting."
The fight was over in just half-an-hour - with Danny Green announced as the winner.
There was a lot of controversy about the result, with Mundine telling SEN radio, "I want to beat him, whip him and hurt him in his own backyard in his own home in Perth."
"All his family can come, all his friends can come and witness him getting fried. I want to whip his arse. This time I really feel I can hurt him really bad. I want to put an end to his career," he added.
Watch Danny beat Anthony below!

The many times Anthony Mundine and Danny Green threw shade at each other

Now you might think Jackie Gillies is the authority on all things shade since she's a Real Housewife... But no!
Mundine and Green's uppercuts of the vocal variety is a thing of Shakespearean beauty.
You'd think the men had a script writer, because boy can they can sock it to one another.
Following their rematch, Anthony posted on Facebook that they needed to fight again, writing, "I went up 13kg come off major hip surgery was inactive for nearly a year & half ... I won the fight but got unjust verdict ... he talking all this s--t let's just have a 3rd & I guarantee a KO his b---h ass."
He recently addressed the possibility of Danny entering the jungle saying, "I'm not angry. I just think he's a d--k, bro."
Eloquent as ever.
We are ready for the fisticuffs to get a jungle makeover.
He's definitely not mundane, but Danny, a dad-of-two, isn't as vibrant when it comes to the topic of Mundine.
After their 2017 game, he said, "This has nothing to do with black or white. I beat another man."
Also proving he's a gracious winner, Danny confessed, "It just puts another nail in the coffin of Mundine's career."
As for entering the camp, the 44-year-old told Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris, "He might have another nap, if he doesn't behave," while Anthony was seen on the screen catching some shut eye.

How will they fair in the jungle... Together?

Danny admitted, "I don't foresee us becoming bum chums."
But it turns out the pair just might be secret mates.
Season two I'm A Celeb winner Brendan Fevola claimed on his radio show that Anthony Mundine and Danny Green are actually friends.
And good ones at that.
The nation RN.
"Peek behind the curtain," Brendan said on Fox FM. "They're actually mates, there's a bombshell."
"You've told me this before and it blows my mind," co-host Fifi Box responded. "So that is all trash talk, they pretend to hate each other?"
"Yes and they make a fortune because they just box with each other again and again," Fevola replied, before recalling the moment he learnt the truth about the boxers' friendship.
"It was about 10 years ago and I was at some hotel and Choc [Anthony Mundine] was fighting and I was in his room to get some tickets," he recounted.
"So we're sitting down, having a chat because I know him well and I know Danny Green really well."
The former AFL legend took out the show back in 2016.
"In walked Danny Green and Danny Green's wife and I'm going, 'Oh it's going to be on! What's happening? These guys hate each other!'" he tells his listeners.
Apparently the pair then "cuddled" and were rather nice to each other.
"I'm going, 'What the hell is going on here?' And when he walked out he [Mundine] went, 'Oh nah, we're mates.'"
Adding, "That just wrecked it all for me."
So, has all of Australia been taken for a ride in the name of raking in the big bucks? Well, only Green and Mundine know the true answer to that.