I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Kerry Armstrong on the moment she beat Nicole Kidman for Best Actress

Well holy Moulin Rouge... Maybe a musical number will help with the sting?!

It is very safe to say that we are living in a Nicole Kidman world.
The actress has seriously taken over as the queen of Hollywood, conquering both the film and TV screen ... But there was a time when Nicole Kidman didn't bag all the awards.
On Sunday night's episode of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, Kerry Armstrong revealed that she once came head-to-head with Keith Urban's wife - and won.
Kerry recounts the moment she beat Nic.
Sitting around the campfire, Real Housewives star Jackie Gillies had a vision from her angels.
Getting her shine on, she pointed to Kerry and told her she should have been on the show Big Little Lies.
Standing her ground, the 60-year-old agreed before adding she felt she'd have been great in Nic's film, Lion.
"Have a rest buddy, have a rest," she snapped of Nic apparently hogging on the roles.
Kerry Armstrong then unveiled her feud with the star.
Kerry in Lantana.
Nic in Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge.
It all began in 2001 - both ladies were smashing it professionally.
Nicole Kidman was up for many awards for her role in Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge, while Kerry was sweeping the nation for the acclaimed Australian film Lantana.
"I say that as a joke but when we went up against each other for the AFI Awards it was Moulin Rouge against Lantana," Kerry explained.
"We were so waiting for Moulin Rouge to win everything and then we won for Sea Change first."
It looks like Kerry won over Russell over in the end.
Russell Crowe flew in for the ceremony.
The actor, who is best mates with Nic, was on the rise in Hollywood following his role in Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind.
"Russell Crowe said I am here to announce best actress, there's four really wonderful ladies, I've got a bit bias going on, so I have come all this way to announce best actress," The Wrong Girl actress recounted.
"Nicole was all up getting ready and he said best actress and he said my name."
Watch Kerry in Lantana in the video below!
Apparently Kerry's win went down like a lead balloon.
"Vince (Colosimo) or Anthony LaPaglia came up and said she had left the room," she told her camp mates.
"I went up on stage [to collect the award] and Russell Crowe was visibly unimpressed, he was really unimpressed," the actress claimed.
Kerry is a huge name on our national shores, while Nicole has become one of Hollywood's most sought after leading ladies.
One thing is certain, we are loving Kerry dishing on life behind the veil!