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I'm A Celebrity: Shocking tweets emerge from Richard Reid's past

The 53-year-old's Twitter past has come back to haunt him.

A series of of transphobic and fat-shaming tweets have surfaced on I'm A Celeb's fan-fave Richard Reid's Instagram account.
While the chirpy red-carpet presenter has a great reputation in the jungle, the tweets uncovered by the Daily Mail tell a whole different story.
In 2011, reality TV star Khloe Kardashian was accused of assaulting a transgender woman outside a Hollywood nightclub.
Sharing his views at the time, Richard tweeted about the incident: "Did Khloe Kardashian really beat up a tranny? I thought she WAS a tranny. Tranny on tranny crime is the worst!"
Richard Reid is in hot water after his transphobic tweets from 2011 were surfaced . (Source: Network Ten)
And this wasn't the only time he referenced a transphobic slur.
In 2015, while appearing on The Celebrity Apprentice, he tweeted about his own appearance and said: "Uh, I look a bit transgendered. Why are we in disguise?"
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Richard's tweet from November 2015. (Source: Twitter)
And it's not just the transphobic slurs in that have people hot under the collar.
In a series of body-shaming tweets discovered by the Daily Mail, Richard called out female celebrities about their weight.
In 2011, he took aim at global superstar Christina Aguilera, tweeting: "Is Christina Aguilera pregnant or just sloppy fat?" and "Xtina looks like a cheap w- - @ GG".
Then in 2012, he wrote: "Jessica Simpson will postpone her wedding until she losses (sic) the baby weight. This could take a while..."
He also unleashed on everyone's favourite mother monster, Lady Gaga, in 2012, tweeting: "WEIGH IN: Should Lady Gaga lose the weight or is she perfectly plumped?"
Even more shocking is the timing of Richard's tweet, with Gaga having just announced she had suffered from bulimia and anorexia during teen-hood.
Richard took aim at Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson. (Source: Getty)
While these tweets have gone forgotten until now, Richard had previously been raked over the coals for his keyboard-warrior antics.
In 2015, three years after British nurse Jacintha Saldanha took her own life due to being pranked by Sydney radio duo Mel Greig and Michael Christian after the birth of Prince George, Richard re-tweeted a comment that labelled Mel a "murderer".
"Richard I'm so astonished and disappointed that you would re-tweet this? Murderer?" Mel clapped back at the host.
The pair had starred on The Celebrity Apprentice together.
It wasn't until AFTER mega backlash that Richard apologised, tweeting: "I was on a re-tweeting ROLL and didn't think. It was completely thoughtless."
Richard and Mel starred on The Celebrity Apprentice together. (Source: Network Ten)
Richard is currently in the African jungle on I'm A Celebrity... and Now to Love have reached out to Network Ten for comment.