I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE: Fiona O’Loughlin is turning "Ron and Brenda" into a sitcom

Bless the rains in Africa... Your favourite couple are getting their own spin-off!

By Chloe Lal
It's time to give a huge roar for our new queen of the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here... Fiona O'Loughlin .
Taking over the throne from last year's Casey Donovan, Fiona is proving that we're living in the time of fierce women.
Every night she made us cackle and cry and now we have the reality TV royal talking about her time on the hit Network Ten show!
Bow down!
Can we all bow down to our new Queen! How are you feeling?
I'm just looking out at my new land [Laughs]I'm thrilled to bits. I didn't think people could be this lucky that many times in their life.
How's Nollsie doing? You Guy Sebastianed him!
He was just thrilled for me! Between the final 3 – we all knew it would be great whoever wins.
There's no feeling of "Oh I didn't win!"
I couldn't have made it without Shannon.
I think we all fell in love with because you weren't only funny but brutally honest about your journey – was it hard sharing that with your campmates and the country?
Absolutely not! I think I'm missing a gene or chip in my brain.
I'm an autobiographical comedian and only talk about what's in front of me.
I'm sure my mother sometimes wishes I shut my trap [Laughs]
I don't get ashamed or embarrassed.
"We were all winners!"
With everyone celebrating – Vicky mentioned that they were all drinking quite a bit - is it hard ?
I'm in such a good place! I saw some stuff on Vicky's social media and thought, "Thank God that part of my life is over!"
Good on them for having fun – but happy that part of my life is over.
I had the best meal with my son and sister. And then a hot bath!
It was perfect.
I think you are such a strong and fierce role model for women. Did you expect that you'd get attention in that manner?
I never expected that. That's reaching for the stars for me.
How proud were your kids of you?
I've spoken to all of them except for Biddy who is filming in the outback. They're thrilled for their mum.
And you're going to be a grandma!
How special was it! I've wanted to be a grandma since I was 15.
I've just seen more ultrasound pictures. I can't wait to be a crazy old bat that takes them out!
Fi's son Bert surprised his mum on the show.
And she was overjoyed to see him!
Fiona's five children are her biggest supporters.
The jungle gives you a lot of time to think – it gives you clarity. After seeing Brenda and Ron – would you want to focus on your own love life?
There are so many things I haven't dared thought about it!
I very much hope that Ron and Brenda take over the screen.
That NEEDS to happen!
[Laughs] We're talking about pitching a sitcom… You heard it first!It seemed like Peter was a real saving grace for you?
Stand-up comedy is a very rare industry because there is an instant camaraderie.
He is equally kind as he is funny.
And Peter is one of the best out there.
Watch Ron and Brenda in action in the video below!
Ron and Brenda are getting their own show... Hopefully!
"He is equally kind as he is funny."
You've commented on some of the in-camp beefs including Jackie and Danny. Do you think now they're out it's all water under the bridge?
Oh look, no.
There are people that you'll meet in here and God bless them but you're not the right fit for a lifetime friendship.
[Laughs] How's that for diplomatic!
Did anyone surprise you?
I didn't expect Danny Green to be so funny
Do you think it was overrated having Bernard and Anthony given that they walked out?
I think it's a shame – it's selfish.
There is a lot of work, a lot of people behind the scenes to make this work. It's a bit rude!
"He's so funny!"

Before and After: Fiona lost 10kgs

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How much weight have you lost?
Do you have any regrets?
I used to be so self-critical! I'm too busy being happy to have any regrets!
What's next for you? Will you be touring?
Yes! My tour kicks off in a week! And fingers crossed Ron and Brenda become a thing!