Bachelor in Paradise

Why BIP's Elora Murger and Simone Ormesher hate each other... Here's looking at you Courtney Dober

Lord... How much heat can one island handle?

By Chloe Lal
You all thought the couple swapping on Married At First Sight was incestuous.
Well think again because we raise fellow reality show that has only the purest intentions to find love aka Bachelor in Paradise.
There was time where BIP was all about flowing cocktails and friendly conversations, but now all we're talking about is THAT cat fight.
Cue in Bachelor babes Elora Murger and Simone Ormesher.

The girls became BFFs following their time on Matty J's season of The Bachelor.
Sadly, their friendship has since become rather thorny.
And they've made no attempt of hiding it on their new adventure.
In fact, old wounds seemed to have been reopened.
It all began when Apollo entered the island, and just like magic, he set fire to Bachelor in Paradise's newest love triangle.

Elora entered the island with her eyes set on Apollo but the magic man, who became a fan favourite after his time on Sophie Monk's Bachelorette, seemed to share more of a spark with Simone.
The Tahitian beauty thus rehashes her old beef with the British babe - explaining that this is a case of history repeating itself.
"[Simone] and I went to [an] event together. We ran into this guy and everyone knew he was my crush from The Bachelor ... What happened is he was flirting with her next to me," Elora explained.
Simone remembers things a little differently.
"This guy that we previously liked didn't like her but he liked me. And she didn't like it. And I feel like it's a repeat again with Apollo."
The girls don't look like they want to make up.
The girls quickly get into a full blown argument.
"I realise Simone is playing games here and she's not being honest," Elora shares.
"Simone's trying to make me look bad to Apollo by spreading the word that I am jealous of her because she got the guy on the outside. It's not right."
"It's easy for Simone to say it was a guy problem because saying the truth is not going to make her look good."
Elora then goes full-blown Single White Female, and decides to be particularly nasty, sharing all the details that spurred their war.
"If I had a problem with you f---ing Courtney on my couch, I would've stopped it right away," she shouts.
Elora's comments unveil that Simone had a fling with Georgia Love's Bachelorette hopeful, Courtney Dober.
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Naturally, Simone is shocked her former friend would publicly air her history.
"What are you doing?" Simone yells at Elora.
"Is that what you're doing? That's bad. That's really bad."

Simone that speaks to the camera alone.
"Now she's bringing up who I've been with in the past on TV?" she cries.
"I feel like she's dragging stuff that I've done in my personal life into Paradise. And naming names? It shouldn't even be brought up. I can't do it anymore."
Pretty poor form, but clearly all codes are a thing of the past on the island...
Fingers crossed old mate Osher can channel his inner Dr Phil and sort this mess out.