Married At First Sight

How low can you go? Grubby grooms talk partner-swapping on MAFS

How was this even allowed on TV?

By Bella Brennan
In this week's edition of Oh Dean, self-styled alpha male Dean Wells has managed once again to shock the nation with his gross antics.
On Tuesday night's episode of Married At First Sight, the lads caught up for a very forced "boys' night" of drinking and gas bagging.
Naturally, it didn't take long for their banter to go south with Troy Delmege asking his male co-stars which brides they'd like to partner swap with.
"If you could have any girl at the start, like swapping..." Troy asked the group.
Watch the vile scene play out in the player above!
Without missing a beat, Dean revealed: "I'll say it at the start - no disrespect Justin I said Carly," Dean confessed of his attraction to Justin Fischer's wife Carly Bowyer.
To which Justin simply cocked his head back and erupted into laughter.
"Judging solely on looks, I don't know her as a person," Dean, who had finally appeared to patch things up with his wife Tracey Jewel, added.
"You don't care about that?" John Robertson asked Justin.
"Mate, Carly's like a little sister to me," Justin explained.
OK then. It's no wonder they're having intimacy issues!
From Davina, to Carly! Make your mind up, Dean.
"Carly's been telling everybody she wants Dean as well. That's no secret," Justin continued, as if to help encourage the bizarre coupling.
Dean then claimed to have "felt a bit of a vibe from Carly."
Which is interesting because we thought his under-the-radar vibe was with Davina Rankin?
WATCH: The explosive teaser for tonight's episode. Post continues...
Dean then put the partner-swapping challenge onto Justin, asking him: "Are you attracted to Tracey?"
Politely responding, Justin said: "Tracey's attractive but I'm more attracted to girls like [Troy's wife] Ash."
"What about Tracey guys? She's hot. Can someone just say they want to bang Tracey, please?" Dean begged the crowd.
Thank god for human unicorn Patrick Miller, seemingly the only level-headed man in the room who slammed Dean and Justin for their disgusting behaviour.
"It's just disrespectful. The guys shouldn't be thinking about those sort of things," Patrick noted.
Not the normal face most people would make when someone says they fancy your wife.
It didn't take long for Twitter to go to town on Dean but the Sydney local has since claimed he was asked by the producers to speak those lines.
"Ah boys night. Fun was had by all, expect @pattymiller_mafs, who said he would like to swap for [Ryan's wife] @davvyxx but for some reason they didn't show that?!? But they did show me asking the question about other wives mums which the producers forced me to say cos the night was too boring for producer. Oh well," Dean penned.
Adding: "Hopefully most people don't take it too seriously. No disrespect was ever meant to any wives to any women in general. My apologies if I offended anyone."
In a trailer for tonight's episode, unsurprisingly the partner-swapping convo makes its way back to the women and Tracey loses her s--t as Charlene tells the couple: "Your marriage has just ended tonight."
Tonight we'll get to see Tracey's reaction to Dean's behaviour. And judging by this image, she's not impressed!