Bachelor in Paradise

Why the men of Bachelor In Paradise seriously need a reality check

These blokes need to chill the eff out!

By Rebecca Sullivan
If you thought Married At First Sight was the reality show where all of Australia's toxic men seemed to fester in one concentrated lineup, you were wrong.
It's become abundantly clear that the really problematic blokes decided to sign up to Bachelor In Paradise this year.
While Mike Gunner's gaslighting on MAFS was incredibly bad, you certainly haven't met Bill Goldsmith.
Bill is one of the show's most controversial contestants, with many viewers criticising the 31-year-old electrical plumber over his treatment of both Alex Nation and Florence Moerenhout.
Florence was met with an overwhelming amount of viewer sympathy, after Bill denied trying to sleep with her on an overnight - something she says he 100 per cent did.
But Bill, who was also slammed this week after posting a tone-deaf ANZAC Day Instagram caption, has now accused Channel 10 of unfair editing and says they have "f- - ked his reputation".
"Channel Ten and Warner Bros have f - - ked me over all for their ratings, and literally f - - ked my reputation," Bill wrote on Instagram.
"I'm pretty hurt by the whole thing."
Bill then took a stab at the show's failing ratings, which have dropped to just 533,000 viewers across the five major cities, about 150,000 fewer viewers than last year.
"A reality TV show doesn't define me," he said.
"They have edited me and made me out to be someone who I'm not, all for their TV ratings. The ratings are another flop anyways, so not really sure it was all worth it."
This week it was announced that BIP will now start at 8.30pm, not 7.30pm, to make way for the premiere of ratings juggernaught MasterChef on Monday night.
We're officially over it! (Image: Channel 10)
It turns out Bill isn't the only unhappy customer when it comes to bad editing.
Some of the other contestants were also reportedly "horrified" when they watched the show back.
"They're leaving huge stuff out, taking things totally out of context and even cutting and pasting random sentences together," one contestant told the Daily Mail.
"The contestants feel like the show that made it to air is so much different than what actually happened on the island.
"All the Bachelor stars run in the same circles and they've been complaining to each other about how badly it's been edited this year.
"Everybody knows that reality TV is produced and manipulated, but this season felt worse than anybody expected."
Hmm, you know that's part of the deal ... right?
Exclusive vision of us watching Bachelor in Paradise this season #WTF (Image: Channel 10)
Then we have Ivan, who was basically dating Tenille for a total of about five minutes when he decided he wanted to skin her alive and marry her immediately.
Look, we get it. The girl is absolutely stunning. But that's no excuse to act like a complete maniac. Be cool, dude.
Ivan quickly became intense and overbearing, getting jealous and starting fights with other guys over Tenille - so she understandably told him to back off and "pull back the reigns a little bit."
Viewers were quick to back Tenille's decision, labelling Ivan's behaviour "possessive" and "controlling."
"This guys a major creeper, wish he would learn to dance too," wrote one NW reader on Facebook.
"Amazed he didn't pack chloroform and hand cuffs," joked another, while someone else wrote, "He's the stage 5 clinger."
Tenille is gorgeous, but no on deserves a stage 5 clinger! (Image: Channel 10)
Tenille's Instagram followers also begged her to steer clear.
"Get away from Ivan!! He is so possessive it's creepy and hard to watch," one of her followers wrote.
"Watching the way Ivan spoke about you as an object was absolutely disgusting and quite scary," another wrote.
It sounds like Tenille has sent the message loud and clear to Ivan - back the hell away.
Even host Osher Gunsberg had a stab at Ivan on Twitter, arguing he should respect Tenille's wishes.
"Listen, Ivan," tweeted Osher. "Respect what SHE wants, mate."
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Maybe this is why the rating are so bad?
Is it too much to ask for a show that celebrates healthy relationship dynamics, with male contestants who respect women?
We certainly won't be holding our breath.

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