Bachelor in Paradise

EXCLUSIVE: Ivan reveals he packed a ring for Bachelor In Paradise

Plus, the star reveals he’d “marry” Tenille…

By Karina Recchi
After failing to win the heart of Ali Oetjen last year on The Bachelorette Australia, Ivan Krslovic is wasting no time finding his perfect match on Bachelor In Paradise.
In fact, the painter-turned-dancer hints he might have packed a ring in his suitcase for Paradise – and Tenille Favios could be the lucky lady he proposes to!
"I might have had a ring ready to go," Ivan, who enjoyed a romantic date with the brunette last week, tells TV WEEK. "If it gets to the end and the feelings develop, I'd be ready to throw a ring on it."
Ivan says he has a ring "ready to go" (Image: Network 10).
He even says he'd be up for a televised wedding down the line – with Osher Günsberg as host.
"Oh, my God – that would be mad," he says. "And I could do a dance with Tenille!"
Ivan, 29, admits he fell "hard and fast" for "the girl of his dreams".
"After my date with Tenille, Jennifer Hawkins could have walked in and I wouldn't have cared," he says.
And it seems flight attendant Tenille, 26, is on the same wavelength.
"We got on like a house on fire from the start," she says. "We both don't take things too seriously and he's a lovely guy. He wears his heart on his sleeve."
As for making a real-life commitment, she says "never say never".
Ivan first set his sights on Brittney, before meeting Tenille (Image: Network 10).
Meanwhile, Ivan is looking even further into the future and reveals he wants "three to five" kids.
Ideally, he'd like to start trying for a family in six to 12 months.
"We'd have funny little dancer babies," he says, laughing. "They'd be tall, because we're both tall. We'll have a few kids – one will be a gun at sports because they'll be six foot and an absolute unit.
"The girls will be athletic as well, but they'll be funny too, so there'll probably be a comedian in there. And a dancer!"
While it's looking good for the pair, Ivan shouldn't get too carried away. Tenille hints she could be swayed by another Bachelor and isn't rushing into a decision.
"There are still a lot of people in here, so you've got to put your feelers out," she admits.
Tenille with another Bachelor, Jules, in Paradise (Image: Network 10).
Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesday to Thursday, 7.30pm, on 10.

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