Bachelor in Paradise

In Paradise's Keira & Jarrod's best moments

It's the relationship we never knew we needed.

By Chloe Lal
Australia, it's time to put your pot plants out again because Bachelor 
In Paradise's Keira Maguire & Jarrod Woodgate's love is in full bloom.
When Channel Ten's dating show began, we had no idea we were about to encounter our real-life Ross and Rachel.
Are they on, are they off?
Going on a break every 5 minutes, the couple could have easily become the unofficial spokespeople for Kit-Kat.Thankfully their love conquered through. BiP might be over but their future is just beginning.
We look back at their rather dramatic road to love!
How happy do they look!
Jarrod can't wait to make Keira his wife.
And they're moving in together!

You had me at hello

Who can forget the first moment Keira met Jarrod.
When Mr Pot Plant walked in, everyone saw a man who was once brutally dumped by Sophie Monk...
Keira simply saw Jarrod. And the attraction between the pair was palpable.
Relive that moment below

Love is a battlefield

There's nothing scarier than realising you may have just met the love of your life.
Both Keira and Jarrod couldn't help but try and deny their feelings.
Whether they were off dating other islanders or quashing the idea that they could be happy with one another.

Playing hard to get became both of their mantras...
Jarrod tried to make Keira jealous by dating Simone...
But it didn't work.

Introducing Australia's real life Ross and Rachel

The pair were never going to be "just friends".
Roses were exchanged purely in the name of friendship... But we all knew better.
Who could forget how fiery they'd get, all those moments when they'd both would combust.
Keira confessed, "I didn't want to get involved with Jarrod at all. And I didn't want to follow up Sophie Monk."
"It was a lot of pressure, in case it didn't work out," she explained. "I didn't want to hurt him."
But in the end, Keira and Jarrod were meant to be!
Keira tried to hold strong...
She really did.
But Keira had fallen.
And the vineyard manager couldn't be more chuffed.

I like you… You like me

A kiss says it all...
Their roses are officially spoken for!
And you can bet they're playing by Keira's rules.
Let the flirt fest begin!
He's seriously into her.

Call Alicia Keys these guys are falling

The moment Keira and Jarrod stopped playing games with each other, their love has gone full throttle.

Sophie who?
Monk's out and thanks to BiP showing Jarrod that there's plenty of fish in the sea... The top bloke caught the love of his life!

They do!

Their love story has been anything but straightforward, but there's no denying Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate are completely and utterly in love.
"I grew up watching Disney movies and I was so inspired by love. I'd ask people, 'How do you know he's The One?' And they'd just tell me, 'When you know, you know.'"
"And that's how I feel with Jarrod," Keira told Woman's Day during their exclusive wedding-inspired photoshoot.
Sealed with a kiss!
Since filming of Bachelor In Paradise wrapped in Fiji at the end of last year, the pair's relationship has gone from strength to strength, meeting each other's families and even talking marriage and babies!
"Everybody loves her," Jarrod gushed.
"They'll just call her for a catch-up. My sister adores Keira."
Keira, 31, feels the same about them.
"It's weird how well I get on with his family. His mum is so cute, she holds my hand. There's a lot of love in his family – they've been so welcoming, it's actually quite beautiful."

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