Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise’s Keira Maguire confesses: “I didn’t want to be with him!”

Is Keira using Jarrod?

By TV Week team
It's the relationship no-one saw coming. Not even Keira Maguire herself!
Chatting to TV WEEK about her on-screen romance with Jarrod Woodgate, Keira makes a shock confession.
"I didn't want to get involved with Jarrod at all," the 31-year-old reveals. "And I didn't want to follow up Sophie Monk."
Keira insists she had not intention of hooking with Jarrod.
So much so, Keira admits she was nervous about pursuing a relationship with the "emotional" vineyard manager.
"It was a lot of pressure, in case it didn't work out," she adds. "I didn't want to hurt him."
"I watch The Bachelorette and I really liked Jarrod," she tells. "I thought he was an amazing guy."
The pair have connected in paradise.
Despite her initial concerns about a relationship, there's no doubt Keira and Jarrod have made a connection in paradise.
But are they just playing it up for the cameras?
"You'll have to wait and see," Keira teases.
Jarrod, meanwhile, had his eye on Keira from the very beginning.
"Keira has a great personality and speaks her mind. I like that," he gushes.
He adds: "When we met on the show, it was pretty easy just to have a conversation."
Jarrod had his eye on Keira from the beginning.
Jarrod even admits that co-star Ali Oetjen was his rebound from Sophie Monk – so Keira didn't have to be!
"Ali was, in a way, my rebound from Sophie [Monk]," Jarrod admits. "I hadn't been on a date since Sophie and that was my first date in contact with a female outside of that.
"It was me testing to see where I was up to and as you saw, as soon as I came back [and] woke up the next day, back to Keira [Maguire]."
But like Keira, and despite speculation it's he who drops to one knee in paradise, Jarrod remains coy about whether their on-screen relationship goes the distance.
"You'll soon find out!" he laughs.

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